The VIDEO – New Work Style Story

Project VIDEO review

Within the last two and a half years, we set the basis for a massive transformation at Continental. We re-designed learning, communication, change and support – as well as methods, tools and most of all the „attitude“ or mindset behind it. We built divers global networks with about 5000 People, created new roles to deal with constant changes coming from the cloud based software as a service setup.

About 25 tools, more than a dozend learning options, our own artificial intelligence social bot, a trust based manifest with our works council and many many other highlights are the results of two years of experimenting with leadership, culture techniques, technology, various forms of networks, decentral – crossfunctional teams and respect for humans at the first place.

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Weniger „müssen“ müssen – mehr „wollen“ dürfen!

Einblicke in den New Work Style bei Continental – unser Projekt ist erfolgreich zu Ende, jetzt geht es um „Adoption“ der neuen Verhaltensweisen – weltweit, in allen Hierarchie-Stufen und Altersklassen.

Blog des Projektmagazins – aufs Bild klicken um den Beitrag zu lesen

Der Beginn während des Projekts war äußerst vielversprechend

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WIRgewinnt … oder doch lieber ICH?

Comparing Spiral Dynamics & Laloux Culture Model

Wie können wir eine lebenswertere Zukunft gestalten? Welche Erfolgskonzepte gibt es, die eine Antwort auf die Komplexität des Lebens, der Natur und unseren menschlichen Bedürfnissen geben können? Wie schaffen wir es, trotz (oder gerade mit) der Diversität uns auf eine gemeinsame Zukunftsreise zu begeben, für die eine Mehrheit bereit ist, zu investieren, bzw. auf Dinge zu verzichten?

Eine mögliche Antwort darin sehe darin, die Diversität, Kreativität und Passion der Individuen zu vernetzen und zu einem gemeinsamen Ziel zu verbinden.

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VUCArockers – a positive attitude – how do YOU rock VUCA?

VUCA = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity … this term is used since some years to describe the challenges of the digital age. In my view this is used today in many negative ways: Creating fear, as an excuse, as a dogma and to separate people in „digital“ and analog sections. Of course there are many challenges in this „new world“ of connectedness, but as we know from any changes in the past – we will find ways to deal with them.

But there are also people, who do not only want to „deal“ with problems, but creating real improvements for people. Not driven by technological possibilities, but human needs, a positive mindset and the aim to make our world a better place.



I meet so many of such great people, who want to contribute in many different ways. They are intrinsically motivated, passionate, creative, often fear-less and very resilient. As I am a big believer of „words generate reality“ I try to find terms, which either already express what people do (like GUIDEs), try to „reload“ existing terms with new meaning or I create new ones, which make people think, creating doubts (if their understanding is the only one) or at least make people talk about the topic behind. Not in a destructive but engaging, inspiring way, I would love to have a discussion about

„How do we want to design the VUCA world?“

(not suffering from it)

Want to be part of this and „rock“ VUCA together ?

Call for ideas!

How do YOU personally ROCK VUCA?

write a blogpost, Twitter, LinkedIn…. and tag your post with #VUCArockers

Soziale Reputation versus Kontrolle

Denk mal mit

„Was nicht kontrolliert wird,
wird nicht gemacht!“
ist das so?

Hier wieder einmal ein paar „unfertige“ Erfahrungen und ein etwas anderer Ansatz, um mit globalen, freiwilligen Netzwerken erfolgreiche Initiativen zu betreiben.

Wer kennt diese „Weisheit“ oben nicht. Nur wie sieht das in globalen, freiwilligen Netzwerken aus? Wer sollte oder kann überhaupt die Arbeit von über 1000 Kollegen in einem Netzwerk kontrollieren?

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#nextlearning @Continental

Within the last years we developed a holistic approach for #leadingChange #nextLearning and #relevantCommunication – In my current project, I have the opportunity to bring all that to the next level on greater scale (150000 employees, 50 countries)

Here is a SWAY presentation with an overview and first details about our journey. This should also answer some questions on how to deal with todays demands in complexity, constantly changing frame conditions („evergreen“) and driving a diversity respecting adoption:

This post is also part of the blog parade #nextlearning formats in organizations

Ertrag meiner Photovoltaikanlage für 2017

Vor 12 Jahren entschied ich mich im Rahmen einer energetischen Sanierung unseres Dachs mit einer 4,86 kW Photovoltaikanlage auf Sonnenstrom umzusteigen. Die damalige Investition von ca. 25.000 Euro ist längst amortisiert. Bis heute haben wir damit 55,4 MegaWattStunden ins Netz eingespeist.


Seit knapp 2 Jahren erwirtschaftet die Anlage ca. 250 Euro pro Monat und deckt mit im Mittelwert 4600 kWh locker (mehr …)

What is my contribution to a better world?

Careful with such a „soft“ topic in a logic driven world! No, not at all.

In this post I want to share some of my personal background, why I think it is very important to not only spend time to understand latest technology, but also working on our #kindness

Let’s build a future together,
in which we actually want to live in!

I want to contribute to the actions of actionforhappiness.orgmaybe you want to join making our world a bit better by being kind.

Some Background:

Technology is pushing us into a future, which only very little people (mehr …)