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WOL - Blick über die Schulter

John Stepper gave us a great gift with his Book „Working Out Loud„. Our world becomes more and more digital, so new behaviors, new habits and competence is needed to master it. Besides it would be great to make our world a better place too;-)

For our Organization I introduced Working Out Loud also as a personal development method, which is available for our employees around the world. I am convinced that this is a great method HR can use to guide employees into our digitalized world, and it is the foundation for working with virtual teams or making home office finally possible.

Since we are a technology driven company, I made some little adaptations in order to overcome the first hurdles and offer a solution which fits to their concrete needs.

So here is my interpretation of the 5 Elements of Working Out Loud (which John just recently revisited), hoping this is still „in line“ with his mindset. I added (based on change management perspective) a short WHY tagline, to give immediate reasons:

Building a social network … you are not alone – Join Forces and experience the power of diversity

Making your work visible … sharing your progress fosters social learning & transparency  creates options

Making work better … improving your skills enables you for the digital age – start, evolve, improve

Leading with generosity … changing perspective and giving feedback leads to great engagement

Making it all purposeful … making it personal will rise efficiency, focus and sustainability


since I added the why-taglines I had a lot more „a-ha“ moments in my introduction calls… maybe they are also helpful to others?