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One power of social media is in the ease of sharing feedback in many forms. We still see many people struggling with a simple „Thank You“ – which (quite some time ago) I gathered my experience and made a personal, practical feedback recommendation guide. The „features“ needed for this are extremely simple to operate and are available on any! social platform.

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Maybe that is also helpful for you:

So, how to give Feedback in (Enterprise) Social Media?

… by showing appreciation, asking questions also critical feedback is great or saying „Thank You“ or „Well done“ …this is so engaging! Also supporting with your profession or competence to further develop the content is a great feedback. (see also Working Out Loud)

In the „digital world“ (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, XING, Connect, Yammer, Jive and any other social platform) it works exactly in the same way – and since we work globally together, in a virtual environment you can choose from the following „engagement“ levels:

Feedback form: How to do it: Effect: Effort:
silence reading the content but doing nothing
  • no feedback = no appreciation = frustration = end of sharing
no effort
LIKE click „like“
at any content
  • personal appreciation = motivation = more transparency
  • automatically works as recommendation / sharing it to your network (most powerful way to spread information)
one click
short comment comment with „yes, agree, good, accept, like, no, disagree…
  • personal concrete / more valuable feedback
    (that adds commitment and relevance)
one minute
value comment give detailed comment
including own ideas or opinion
  • rising awareness, adding relevance, great engagement
    (valuable also if you disagree but provide constructive feedback)
five minutes
own posts / related content you refer to a post, message or question of someone else in your own community, blog or forum
  • cross references is the highest form of giving digital feedback
> five minutes

Start your Feedback training today!

  • Show your appreciation once a day by clicking LIKE to a content, you value
  • Give personal feedback twice per week with a short or value comment
  • Do that also in the „offline“ world 😉

 if no one shares, no one can learn from each other!
Wanna start?

Digital Maturity / Success workflow:

  1. Observe / Learn from others
  2. Start giving Feedback / feel more comfortable
  3. Start sharing own experience and questions
  4. This helps building a reputation / become a trusted resources (authentic)
  5. This will grow your (valuable) network
  6. Now answers, solutions and opportunities can find their way to YOU

Typical doubts:

  1. My feedback is not important – WRONG … If one spend an hour writing a post – he/she values every kind of feedback – everyone counts!
  2. My feedback only creates effort for others – yes, reading feedback takes time, so does saying „Thank You“, a Team Event or a anniversary celebration – but we are humans… it should be worth it
  3. I am not competent enough – there are no dumb questions! In my experience ever question asked, every little improvement idea adds value to some people
  4. I am not in the right position (hierarchy) to give feedback e.g. to upper management/ experts / organizations – WRONG … this is why our executive board implemented it or experts are using it – to enable also direct, open and cross level feedback
  5. Fear of bad reputation – Trust and Respect should be your guidance: let’s bring them to life by acting accordantly by giving open feedback – be constructive, honest, appreciative…

Positive Feedback: transparently
Critical Feedback: direct and personal


As there is always a „down side“ I want to point out that by sharing feedback in the internet, it is possible to derive a personal profile from it – which currently is used for targeted advertisement and maybe influencing your political direction. As every tool can be used for positive AND negative causes – I do not recommend „banning“ it, but finding a mature way to use it.

Anything to add? I would love to read it in a comment 😉