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CL2025 – Lernen wieder lernen

Kommende Woche werde ich mit unserem Continental LernTeam die Corporate Learning MOOCathon Woche gestalten. Dazu habe ich mir ein paar Gedanken gemacht und ein Teaser Video erstellt:

Lernen wird gerne als Zugewinn verkauft, wird aber oft von denen, die lernen sollen, als Aufwand gesehen. Zudem schwingt oft die Angst mit „was wenn ich es nicht verstehe, schaffe, andere besser sind?“

Von Kindern lernen lernen

Als Kinder probieren wir Dinge einfach aus, wir explorieren, haben keine Angst vorm Scheitern – lernen mit NeuGier und Freude. Dann kommt die Leistungsgesellschaft, Normen und Prüfungen. Einige können damit gut umgehen, weil sie in die „Förmchen“ des Systems passen. Viele nicht, vielleicht auch weil ihre Kreativität und Neugier von den Logik orientierten Vorgaben nicht befriedigt werden.

Keine (Be-) Wertung

(mehr …)

Feedback = Engagement

One power of social media is in the ease of sharing feedback in many forms. We still see many people struggling with a simple „Thank You“ – which (quite some time ago) I gathered my experience and made a personal, practical feedback recommendation guide. The „features“ needed for this are extremely simple to operate and are available on any! social platform.

feedback by

Maybe that is also helpful for you:

So, how to give Feedback in (Enterprise) Social Media?

… by showing appreciation, asking questions also critical feedback is great or saying „Thank You“ or „Well done“ …this is so engaging! Also supporting with your profession or competence to further develop the content is a great feedback. (see also Working Out Loud)

In the „digital world“ (LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, XING, Connect, Yammer, Jive and any other social platform) it works exactly in the same way – and since we work globally together, in a virtual environment you can choose from the following „engagement“ levels: (mehr …)

Neuregelung für Drohnen

Drohne Phantom 2 mit GoPro

Drohne Phantom 2 mit GoPro

Das BMVI (Bundesministerium für Verkehr und digitale Infrastruktur) hat die Nutzung von Drohnen neu geregelt – diese Verordnung gilt ab dem 07. April 2017. Hier gibts die Informationen „first Hand“:


Meine Drohne die DJI Phantom 2 liegt übrigens bei 1 kg inklusive Akku



netWORK Camp @Daimler

What a great day – Daimler goes digital and started with their first netWORK camp in Stuttgart. cxyzkygveaaks2w80 highly engaged colleagues gathered to get inspired, to align, share, do workshops and set pace for the digital Journey and Enterprise Social Media implementation. Goal is to build a Multiplier Network like we did with our global GUIDE Network at Continental.

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John Stepper (Father of Working Out Loud),

Lee Bryant (Famous Digital Strategist) and me have been invited to inspire with our keynotes and do some workshops together.

We all learned a lot that day..

Here is my „Storify Protocol“ – a collection of the more than 800 tweets of the participants (and us)

(mehr …)

Buchheim Museum – Hundertwasser Ausstellung

Entgegen der üblichen Fotografiereinschränkungen in vielen Museen geht das Buchheim Museum der Phantasie einen ganz anderen Weg – es belohnt gute Aufnahmen mit einem Jahresabo – #HundertwasserBuchheim


… da hat jemand Verstanden, wie Marketing und Kundenzufriedenheit heute funktioniert. Neben einer wirklich beeindruckenden Museumsarchitektur – am Starnberger See – sind die Ausstellungen nicht nur sehr gelungen ausgewählt, es macht richtig Freude – egal ob 7 Jahre alt (Die Bilder hängen genau in der richtigen Höhe), ob Rollstuhlfahrer oder „Normalo“. Absolut empfehlenswert!




Core elements of digital collaboration platforms

What do almost all collaboration platforms have in common?

learning the basics about the
five core elements of digital collaboration,
will make your life a lot easier!

No matter if it is UBER, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, My Hammer, eBay, YouTube, ESN…? Many people struggle about the great amount of different platforms. Once they realize that mostly they are depending on others, which platform they should use (because the company uses it, an event participation requires you to use it, you university or even your sports club), many are frustrated because of the huge variety of available platforms, apps and systems.



Let’s make it easy again!

They almost all work quite similar:

Taking a closer look, most platforms start with a registration (mehr …)

If you are afraid of information overflow

If you are afraid of information overload, you can keep crying or start improving your skills!

Blaming information, people or… is not going to help you. In fact the information has not increased, but it’s accessibility, Today it is finally possible to get information from many places, events and actions with just one click. As long as you still want to „control“ it, you will burn out. Start building a valuable network, connect with like-minded people, follow those who share information, you are curious about (or in business context – topics along your profession and projects). One core functionality of social collaboration is the consolidation power of your network. Relevance is given by likes and comments… your network will support you with seeing, what is relevant … start building trust and learn! There is no information overload, and there is no un-important information (it’s just unimportant from your perspective) – understand that in Social Communication not you, but the „audience“ decides, what is relevant – and when. We call this going from push (your mails) to pull (everything is available at your fingertip)

PS if you are suffering from eMail overload… you are just using the wrong tool 😉





LinkedIn Executive Summit 2016

Tomorrow I am looking forward to my presentation at the LinkedIn Executive Summit in the brand new LinkedIn DACH headquarters in Munich. Some hours of intensive exchange around digitalization, future work and what I am specifically interested in – what to expect next from LinkedIn’s portfolio 😉

In my presentation I will focus on the experience with digital adoption and the title:

„Digital is not a project“


Link to the event page

With LinkedIn, SlideShare, Pulse, Groups and the new Lookup there is already a variety of applications available. Just recently they added Tagging into their Status Updates, which is great. I would love to see it also in the profiles…

If you are afraid of flexible work

If you are afraid of loosing control with flexible work (home office, part time, flexible hours, mobile work, sabbatical) not home office is your problem, but your leadership style … start improving it. Build trust, learn to share responsibility, enable your employees, respect their (and your) needs. You hired the best people – don’t treat them like dumb machines, which need to be controlled to do their work. It works! Good leader have followers…