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How muting kills engagement

On my mission to improve virtual and hybrid work: Stop MUTING, Start Talking!

Ever asked yourself,
why there is this strange silence
and little participation
in virtual meetings?

Before Covid, when many had little technical skills 😉 we learned that muting our microphones prohibits echo and ugly noises. During Lockdowns, we had the chance to learn, how virtual communication works, how important a good camera and lightening is, that a decent microphone dramatically enhances, how your messages come across.

New Work, Hybrid Work – virtual calls, meetings or conferences will stay. But shouldn’t we re-think our behavior, as one common issue in non-physical meetings is the lack of engagement, missing „vibrant“ discussions and an „natural“ atmosphere?

In our research and experimenting we found one important reason for that – and once this is changed, our virtual meetings became a lot better!

If you start your meeting with this:

it feels a bit like someone welcomes you with „SHUT UP – I don’t want to hear you/don’t disturb me!“ At least it is a clear message, not to actively take part, as there is a big fear of ?

Demanding muted microphones
might cause demotivation

Of course there are reasons for muting everyone, but then it would be recommended to use a „Broadcast“ session, where only the speaker can talk. For meetings, workshops or participative events, I would highly recommend, not to demotivate people by demanding „silence“. In the end, this is what I get – disconnected people in listening mode.

We tried: „PLEASE UNMUTE as default“
in many different meetings, workshops and events
and this is what happened:

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Impact of audio and video equipment

In physical meetings or conferences, we try to make a good impression (showing respect) with nice cloth, cool socks or shoes.

Since month I wanted to do this quick „amateur“ video to show you, what big differences the right digital tool-set for virtual or hybrid meetings makes. „Better done than (never) perfect (done)“ – it now became a 2 hour production… and I added many improvement tipps about what I have learned so far.

Please spend some thoughts on your „digital reputation“, who is responsible for it and how you want to be „seen“ or „heard“ by your audience, customers, colleagues, your team or leaders – it’s worth it.

Video takes just 5 Minutes.

virtual or hybrid meetings -the impact of audio and video quality
click to see the YouTube 5 Minute comparison video
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Meine Beiträge auf der Republica 2017

Was für ein großartiges Event, welch eine offene und konstruktive Atmosphäre, was für ein Aufgebot an Speakern, Themen und Möglichkeiten zum Austausch rund um „das Netz“. Besonders gefallen hat mir natürlich der Titel „Love out loud“, der eine positive Gegenbewegung zum verbreiteten NegativeVerhalten im Netz initiiert.

Ich war eingeladen mich beim IBM HR Festival an der Podiumsdiskussion zu beteiligen, habe John Stepper bei seinem Mini WOL Circle erlebt und im Anschluss zu einen spannenden Austausch zum Thema Transform Out Loud beigetragen.

Hier die Links und Videos zum „Nachschauen“ wer Interesse hat: (mehr …)

Zukunftskongress in Wolfsburg

An den kommenden beiden Tagen werde ich via Twitter unter dem Hashtag: #zuko16 vom 15. 2b AHEAD ZUKUNFTSKONGRESS berichten. Ein Blick in das Programm oder die Speakerliste mit einigen 5-Sterne Sprechern ist schon beeindruckend.

Bin gespannt, wie lange der iPad Akku hält 😉 Seit meiner Keynote auf der BITKOM folge ich Sven Gabor Janszky in verschiedenen Kanälen, wir hatten Ihn zu Gast auf dem Continental Stand auf der IAA und bin jetzt gespannt auf eine „Überdosis“ Rulebreaker Society mit einer sehr langen Liste von zukunftsbegeisterten und vor allem -gestaltenden Teilnehmern.

Hier klicken um das Programmheft herunterzuladen



China – Shanghai 2015

A business trip to China / Shanghai for our ASIA HR Conference – to present and drive forward our „Digital Transformation“… here on Flickr some Photos which I took around this visit – enjoy

Shanghai 2015

Shanghai 2015

Connecting to Facebook, Twitter or some other Social Media Channels was not possible for me – but it seems that everyone here is permanently online on WeChat or Sina Weibo (the biggest one), Renren, Tencent, Douban – So the biggest hobby of Chinese people right now seems to be SELFIE’s

Selfie's everywhere - best accessory: Selfie-Sticks

Selfie’s everywhere – best accessory: Selfie-Sticks


Capitalism is quite (mehr …)

Photos from South Carolina – Charleston

For a short Businesstrip / Conference (where I presented about Digital Transformation), I had the chance to go to USA – during the stay and short before departure, I could take some pictures.

I typically get up very early (or stay up very late) when I am on tour, to get at least some impressions of the places I am.

USA - South Carolina - Charleston

USA - South Carolina - Charleston

more on Flickr

Reporting live from Enterprise 2.0 Summit

20130321-085009.jpgAs yesterday I will be reporting live the (for me important statements) of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris.
You can follow me on Twitter, follow the Conference Hashtag #e20s or check the Twitterwall (which is also displayed on stage) to get all updates live (and even participate)
Kongress Media organizes this yearly, international event around Social Business, Leadership, digital learning and Web2.0 best practices.
I‘ m happy to be invited to present a session on my own. This took place yesterdaywith the title: 02 „Social Improvement Culture“ with following topics:

  • Challenges on the cultural shift for knowledge sharing
  • Lessons-Learned on establishing a learning organization
  • It turned out, that after my first speech I was invited to take part in two other ones:

  • Social Skill & Learning Management and
  • Enterprise 2.0 Maturity Strategies
  • As of now I can tell we have a really high level of competence and experienced people here. Great discussions and updates. Detailed update will follow…