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Motor Efficiency Factors – visualized

More than 2/3 of the energy needed for today’s cars is just wasted, creating heat and polluting our environment – why do I never read about this?

Whenever there is a technology change, peoples arguments go crazy! Remember, when the first iPhones came out – the main argument against them has been „greasy fingerprints“ on the screen.

We seem to forget what the purpose of those things are. It’s like with our old light bulb: 95% heat (waste), 5% light.

From a light bulb I want light,
from a motor, I want speed, not heat!

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OUTATIME – Have a great 2015



Back to the future – 2015 is the year which was called „future“ in this three movies released until 1990 and we can see already many things available. Since I always loved science and future, back in 1996 I used this plate for my GMC VAN (see picture on the right) in the states 😉

I wish you all the best for a great, healthy & happy 2015.
THANK YOU so much for being curious about my posts

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