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More than 2/3 of the energy needed for today’s cars is just wasted, creating heat and polluting our environment – why do I never read about this?

Whenever there is a technology change, peoples arguments go crazy! Remember, when the first iPhones came out – the main argument against them has been „greasy fingerprints“ on the screen.

We seem to forget what the purpose of those things are. It’s like with our old light bulb: 95% heat (waste), 5% light.

From a light bulb I want light,
from a motor, I want speed, not heat!

Today I want to share just this small graphic I created, in relation to the discussion about the future of mobility. Of course there is a lot more to consider like getting the fuel/gas/batteries, weight, material, storage, life-time, recycling, lasting of resources… but sometimes pictures can add clarity (please let’s not discuss if it is 37% or 42% or 98% – we talk FACTOR 3 in efficiency – or in other words 2/3 of what combustion engines produce is waste, temperature and pollution, not moving us a single inch forward (which is the purpose of a motor).

Of course I have in mind, that there is a lot to improve with electric mobility – mainly battery and everything around that … but those things CAN be improved. It is highly unlikely that a combustion engine will ever have 90+% efficiency (and over the full course of RPM).

So let’s focus our creativity and energy on making the most efficient technology better and reducing their side effects.

To check other efficiency factors (German) of coal power plants and such: LINK