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Back to the future – 2015 is the year which was called „future“ in this three movies released until 1990 and we can see already many things available. Since I always loved science and future, back in 1996 I used this plate for my GMC VAN (see picture on the right) in the states 😉

I wish you all the best for a great, healthy & happy 2015.
THANK YOU so much for being curious about my posts

#statistic of my 2014:



Electricity production / sustainability:

Our Photovoltaik produced 4,357 MegaWatt Energy, which was the second lowest result in nine years, but still a lot more than we needed. To compare it is 897 kWh per installed KiloWatt.


Photovoltaik Results per year

Photovoltaik results per year


Let’s see, what we can do together next year!