Harald Schirmer - es kommt nicht nur darauf an, was wir tun, sondern WIE wir es tun!

Bridge the digital Gap – Transformation Insights

Harald Schirmer - bridging the digital GAP

TheKeenFolks in collaboration with Marketing Expert Johannes Ceh (OurJobToBeDone) asked 14 thought leaders on how to remake business processes to become more efficient and profitable. It’s all about digital transformation.

I am honored to be part of this inspiring group of transformers in their businesses. Now you can download the summary with tips and thoughts about how to bridge the digital gab, how to transform your organization, based on their experience.

LinkedIn Profiles – highly recommended to follow:

Nico Lumma – There won’t be one golden shot
Managing Partner at Next Media Accelerator

Sascha Pallenberg – Get out of your comfort zone
Head of Digital Transformation at Daimler AG

Dion Hinchcliffe – Be customer-centric
Digital Thought Leader, CXO Advisor, IT Expert, Professional Speaker, Book Author, ZDNet Commentator, Industry Analyst

Stephan Grabmeier – A sustainable digital transformation
Author, Speaker, New Work, Innovation and Sustainable Business Transformation

Dr. Marcus Raitner – A joint effort of shaping
Managing Partner at Next Media Accelerator

Sven Semet – Share knowledge with communities, societies and even competitors
Business Development Manager at Assima & Thought Leader IBM Watson

Christiane Brandes-Visbeck – A strong personality and values
Managing Partner Ahoi Innovationen GmbH and book author on Digital Leadership

Joachim Skura – How to adapt and turn technology into productivity
Evangelizing transformation of business to digital whilst engaging their employees. Oracle Corporation

Jaana Rasmussen – Psychological safety
Coaching & Facilitation at Rasmussen Consulting – Story Development

Jochen Schneider – A successful digital transformation needs a culture change
CEO & Co-Founder si:cross – Senior Manager SAP

Monika Smith – Decision makes can be within the team
Purpose to Impact Coach, Company Builder & Advisor, vagabond at heart

Felix Goessl – Purpose first, then Transformation
General Manager, Turnaround and Transformation Leader

Dirk Kedrowitsch – Need for permanent further development
Managing Director at thjnk

Harald Schirmer – Question your immune system
Manager Digital Transformation & Change at Contental AG – Leading Change Ambassador

Here is my contribution:

Harald Schirmer about Digital Transformation

Question your immune system

Transformation starts with questioning the own stabilizing factors. Our organizations developed an immune system to protect themselves from uncertainty, complexity, creativity and “disruptive change” – to deliver stability, quality, predictability, reliability, to be able to manage the input and control the output. Rules, Roles, Processes and Tools are part of this protection system. In order to change this system, those have to be questioned. Building transformation on strong values delivers the “glue” or the stability in times of disruption.

The constantly growing number of rules and constantly changing frame conditions are just slowing us down. The beauty of purpose is that it is holistic and sustainable and flexible. It allows us to do different things in different ways but still staying on a common path. Successful transformers have many questions – desperate to listen and learn. Step back from trying to manage people, quit thinking “my people are not ready or capable” – they all are. Maybe it’s you not building the trust or skills needed. Get out of your comfort zone and start YOUR personal learning journey. Become a role model for networking and connect to people outside of your company.

Additional input:

click here to read an article with more details, links and background, which I put together as a preparation for this




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