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  • Invitation BarCamp Session about Complexity

    Invitation BarCamp Session about Complexity

    Telekom invites for an inspiring BarCamp Day around „Human Centered Technology“ – I am honored to host a session on Wednesday May 29th at 2:15 pm with the title: How to master today’s complexitywithout simplifying Humans are complex, Nature is complex, Markets are complex – how can simplification be a respectful answer? #CelebrateHumanPower Views: 528


  • Leveraging Complexity

    Leveraging Complexity

    There is quite some material about complexity available – never-the-less it seems one of the biggest challenges to identify complex tasks or problems (and distinguish from complicated or simple ones) and even more to apply reasonable, fitting methods and formats. Today I want to exemplify my personal approach on leveraging the power of complexity. In…


  • How to activate your virtual session participants?

    How to activate your virtual session participants?

    In this post, I share my tips to solve this problem: You are in an online meeting or virtual conference, the moderater asks a question… and no one answers – awkward silence … the moderator continues speaking (frustrated). The result: All think „virtual calls don’t work“ or „people do not (want to) interact. In cross-cultural…


  • Rising trust, engagement and ownership via networks

    Rising trust, engagement and ownership via networks

    As dynamic and complexity rises in organizations, the management desire of employees taking over more responsibility, ownership or even intrapreneurship rises. It seems understood, that more brains – specially once they are collaboratively connected – can better: The big question – often connected to setting up new organizational forms (agile, network, community based…) – is how to sustainably drive this intrinsically motivated behavior in employees and leaders? It just sounds so tempting to delegate a topic to a self-driven network or community. Many attempts to „build up such an active group“ has failed in the past years. Little participation, many questions and doubts on both sides and far away from a self-running system.  With this article I describe some relevant factors, which are needed to build up an engaged network or community and what is needed to be changed, in order to make this not just a one-time effort fading down quickly. Views: 1.539


  • The power of SHARING

    The power of SHARING

    Only if we stick our brains together, learning from and with each other, across our existing silos, we will be able to solve todays complex tasks… via sharing. #SHARING is a fairly new term for many, which has a variety of meanings. Some see it as sending a file via eMail or „uploading a final…


  • TopCase mounting for BMW CE04 from GIVI

    TopCase mounting for BMW CE04 from GIVI

    As storage is vital for an urban transport, I ordered the TopCase mount for my all electric BMW CE04 motorbike and the existing GIVI MAXIA 4 V56NNT. Mounting could have been a bit easier – specially as I ran into an issue which I could not solve, following the given instructions, but with a little…


  • The Risk with Eisenhowers Matrix

    The Risk with Eisenhowers Matrix

    With this post, I want to put a light on the famous Eisenhower Matrix and some challenges coming with it. No doubt, the president of a big nation needs to have very efficient workflows and effective filters, to „get the right things done“ – in the end, even they only have a limited amount of…


  • Podcast „Agile Way of Working“ at Software Academy

    Podcast „Agile Way of Working“ at Software Academy

    Not (yet) available outside of Continental – we have various  podcast, webcast and other multimedia formats to  educate, inspire and guide our colleagues worldwide – in an asynchronous format. Scalable communication and collaboration becomes more an more essential – and efficient. It is important so, to offer exchange next to providing content – and moderate discussions.Thanks a lot to Hannes Hess for the great learning journey…


  • The power of OpenAI – Artificial Intelligence next level

    The power of OpenAI – Artificial Intelligence next level

    To test and demonstrate the power of the current version of the ChatGPT, I asked the Artificial Intelligence ChatBot about the top 7 reasons for Digital Transformation to take so long: There are a number of reasons why digital transformation can take a long time. Some of the top reasons include: Overall, digital transformation can be a…


  • How muting kills engagement

    How muting kills engagement

    On my mission to improve virtual and hybrid work: Stop MUTING, Start Talking! Ever asked yourself,why there is this strange silenceand little participationin virtual meetings? Before Covid, when many had little technical skills 😉 we learned that muting our microphones prohibits echo and ugly noises. During Lockdowns, we had the chance to learn, how virtual…


  • Fundament of building organizational networks

    Fundament of building organizational networks

    The dynamically changing frame conditions, complexity and constantly growing amount of information, sources, relevant people requires us to rethink our way of communication and collaboration. The success of Social Media worldwide (yes, despite all rumors, they are constantly growing, as they deliver answers, old channels just can’t) can be applied to our organizations as well!…


  • We can inspire for a better world

    We can inspire for a better world

    In a world of fear and negative predictions, we need people who believe in humans: who love nature and life who tell stories about a possible (desirable) future who make others experience values in daily activities. People who inspire for a better future. It is a choice, which animal we feed: fear or hope! …triggered by a repeating post of „European Leadership“ on LinkedIn: Views:…


  • Rethink reporting – and focus on business improvement

    Rethink reporting – and focus on business improvement

    Isn’t it funny: people keep telling me, they have „no time“ to learn or do „cool stuff“, because they are so busy with their work. In this article, I want to show another example where many people in HR, Controlling, IT and many other functions can save enormous amount of time! Let’s check this aspect…


  • The power of digital collaboration networks

    The power of digital collaboration networks

    The power of digital collaboration networks > no pictures, just a bit of my essence about scalable digital collaboration network impact As in the offline world, networks are one of the most valuable success factors! With this post I want to how I build a valuable personal network and what you can expect by what…


  • Goal setting versus leveraging presence

    How to cope with complexity – a must see video with Dave Snowden, the inventor of the CYNEFIN framework (sense-making of systems for better leadership decisions) giving concrete insights: Views: 231


  • Leadership as emergent property

    1. How do we identify the system in which we operate?2. Do we have the needed competence and attitude for complex or chaotic frame conditions3. Are we able to switch tools, methods, formats, org design accordingly Marion Riehemann posts on LinkedIn about the CYNEFIN framework to wake up Management reflecting on todays decision making and leadership behavior. https://www.linkedin.com/posts/marion-riehemann_leadership-leadershipdevelopment-ceomindset-activity-6895016162548076544-b2C1 Keeping this in mind, we…


  • Bridging the digital gap with business transformation

    Bridging the digital gap with business transformation

    Wow, what an awesome visualization the Keen Folks put together here – but the content is even more amazing. Learning from thought leaders across the industries has always been a great inspiration to me. For the second time now I have been invited to contribute myself some experience and thoughts to this collection of insights:…


  • Impact of audio and video equipment

    In physical meetings or conferences, we try to make a good impression (showing respect) with nice cloth, cool socks or shoes. Since month I wanted to do this quick „amateur“ video to show you, what big differences the right digital tool-set for virtual or hybrid meetings makes. „Better done than (never) perfect (done)“ – it…


  • Ideas for a virtual christmas party

    Ideas for a virtual christmas party

    Corona does not allow to meet physically in bigger groups and yes sitting in front of a screen does not sound much like Christmas, fun or and adequate compromise – but not having any celebrating together does not feel like an option either. One big question of many managers, leaders, employees is: How to establish…


  • WE can change the world!

    WE can change the world!

    I have been invited to a Diversity Network for an inspiration Keynote / Excellence talk around Change, New Work Style, Trust, Leadership and Networks. My core statement: We CAN change the world, trust me it’s worth trying. I invite you to read my thoughts with additional comments and background… there has been no better time to…