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Fundament of building organizational networks

The Power Of ESN

The dynamically changing frame conditions, complexity and constantly growing amount of information, sources, relevant people requires us to rethink our way of communication and collaboration.

The success of Social Media worldwide (yes, despite all rumors, they are constantly growing, as they deliver answers, old channels just can’t) can be applied to our organizations as well! With more than a decade of experience, I try to sum up why modern organizations need an Enterprise Social Network – along with practical examples.

Organizing your hobby, family or friends via email is getting rare, since messengers revolutionized communication…

are you ready for ESN
to revolutionize the way you collaborate?

In this article, I try to consolidate my essential ESN know-how:

Always the first question, we should ask ourselves is: „Why would I or an organization need a Enterprise Social Network?“

It maybe started with the well known sentence „If your company would know, what it knows…“ So how can we unfold the knowledge, the power, the creativity, the competences and passion of not only individual, departments or teams, but your whole organization?

The fundament is – like we know from the internet – a platform, where ALL colleagues, leaders and even the board (surely in the future also customers, suppliers and other stakeholders) can communicate and collaborate – on eye level with all the features needed, to „create a movement“, leverage „resonance“ (things suddenly becoming relevant to many), solving complex tasks, being extremely responsive (to opportunities, problems, innovation, emerging markets or technology).

What becomes more and more important, ESN can help creating a „sense of belonging“ – a glue-like culture, keeping people connected, even over physical distance (home office or cross-country) or „asynchronous“ when working across time zones or just part time or with shared jobs.

The „WHY ESN“ in the picture with a bit more experiences connected:

(mehr …)

The power of digital collaboration networks

Digital Collaboration Network Basics

The power of digital collaboration networks > no pictures, just a bit of my essence about scalable digital collaboration network impact

As in the offline world, networks are one of the most valuable success factors!

With this post I want to how I build a valuable personal network and what you can expect by what I have learned myself. I started building my networks in various platforms. It has been (and is) a wonderful journey full of appreciation, valuable insights, tremendous learning and unbelievable results. (like being nominated TOP HR Influencer by Haufe lately again)

Important for me – it is NOT about self-marketing in the first place, but what I would call „Digital Work Style“ – Working more transparent, granting others insights to my workflows, sharing questions and results early on, asking for feedback or examples from my followers and having valuable discussions online, is „the way I work“

Digital Reputation should be a nice SIDE EFFECT!
Powerful networks are an answer to complexity!

For sure I am far away from being what press calls an „influencer“ in terms of those YouTube stars, having more followers than famous news channels, but in my specific areas, I could manage to receive quite some attention. With this post I share how:

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WE can change the world!

I have been invited to a Diversity Network for an inspiration Keynote / Excellence talk around Change, New Work Style, Trust, Leadership and Networks. My core statement: We CAN change the world, trust me it’s worth trying. I invite you to read my thoughts with additional comments and background… there has been no better time to start… now.

Inspiration to invent a future worth living in!

The future we want, needs to be invented otherwise we will get one, we don’t want (Joseph Beuys)

This quote is intended to be an inspiration to think about what drives us and me personally. Do I have a picuture of a desirable future for me or my kids? Do I go beyond „arguing about today’s issues“ by having constructive discussions on how things „COULD/Should“ be – and taking actions towards such a possible future. This is not just a task for executive boards or politicians, but for every single person – especially leaders.

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BVCM Interview – Corporate Community Management

Schon vor einiger Zeit war ich eingeladen dem Bundesverband der Community Manager Fragen zum Organisationsinternen Community Management und zu Netzwerken zu beantworten. Da ich die Arbeit des Verbandes sehr Schätze und z.B. das so wichtige Profil für Community Manager gerne bewerbe, bin ich dem gerne nachgekommen.

In vielen Firmen wird Community Management noch als kleiner Nebenjob für Praktikanten angesehen – dabei wird das große Potential, dass in diesem neuen Umgang mit Informationen, Kommunikation und vor Allem skallierbarer Zusammenarbeit steckt, verschenkt. In dem Interview wollte ich den Mehrwert und notwendige Kompetenzen für Corporate Community Manager herausstellen. Herzlichen Dank auch an Prof David Wagner für die Begleitung.

Vorschau auf das 5 seitige Interview

Join me at ESNchat

I love to support modern, digital/virtual discussion formats like this one:


The ESNchat is a weekly chat on Twitter founded by @JeffKRoss. Thursdays 2-3pm ET (20:00 – 21:00 Uhr Germany).

Subject: ESN = Enterprise Social Networks.

Co-hosts & tweets: @jhonig1, @noahsparks @RitaZonius & @rainerbartl

Rainer Bartl invited me this thursday, February 07th to join in for topics around Leadership in the digital age, leading change and Networks.

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Thoughts about Orgs

Some thoughts about various Organizational forms and some attributes – not to be seen as good/bad or old/new but to reference which organization is the best for what goal and which tools, what culture is needed to achieve it, plus a people view.

UPDATE!!! The power of diverse networks: Just 2 days after publishing my „draft“, I received 3 beautiful new versions of my notes – even in German and English from Andrea Hauch (see comments). As she needed it for herself, she asked if she could re-use it, which I of course agreed to. Now we all (at least the ones who appreciate this) can say a big thank to her for this awesome translation and upgrade. You can also download it below and us it „alike“ – not for earning money and with mentioning the authors: and Andrea Hauch (mehr …)

Courage for Change – A little Inspiration for Organizational Rebels

This article – originally in German Language on LinkedIn received already more than 9000 views, 400 likes and about 70 valuable comments and more than 1000 re-shares (yes I am a bit proud) Sebastian Kolberg kindly provided the translation here:

  • Why is change so difficult?
  • How can an organization meet the challenges of the digital age?
  • What can I contribute to this?

Not a few ask themselves these questions. Here are some personal thoughts and the hope to encourage you to swim against the current more often!

No, this is not a call to revolution, but a well-intentioned inspiration,

to start with yourself,

no matter if you are a board member, team leader or employee.

Everyone can change the world(mehr …)

The best hiking boots won’t take HR to Mars!

April 14th 2018 – translation of  this post by Sebastian Kolberg

The DGFP invites you to think about the future of HR in a blog parade. I am happy to participate in the discussion as a basis for the conference on 3-4 May, which will take place in parallel – and in conjunction with re:publica.

DGFPc18 Blogparade


The core question is: Why should someone take HR on a mission to Mars? A beautiful image that makes the digital transformation and the necessary „DenkRaumErweiterung“ (means: „Think beyond the common frame“) clear. My provocative thesis:


The best hiking boots don’t take HR to Mars!


It should be (mehr …)

Core elements of digital collaboration platforms

What do almost all collaboration platforms have in common?

learning the basics about the
five core elements of digital collaboration,
will make your life a lot easier!

No matter if it is UBER, Amazon, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn, My Hammer, eBay, YouTube, ESN…? Many people struggle about the great amount of different platforms. Once they realize that mostly they are depending on others, which platform they should use (because the company uses it, an event participation requires you to use it, you university or even your sports club), many are frustrated because of the huge variety of available platforms, apps and systems.



Let’s make it easy again!

They almost all work quite similar:

Taking a closer look, most platforms start with a registration (mehr …)

Collaborative writing – appreciation and lessons learned

I am officially flashed!

In the spirit of social collaboration, I asked my network to review, extend, criticize and challenge my draft for an article. Before I will consolidate the great input to one fluent document I would like to say a big THANKYOU to all the thoughts and work, which the contributors shared.


By the way I am really questioning myself, if my consolidation is the best way to value the great input, or if going back to a single author article is not a fall-back?

I want to share my learnings of former, similar experiments and my experience of this public one – after showing you the hero’s of my network: (and believe me – group editing of a long text is not just fun“)

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+ 4 anonymous

 It is not very common, to write an article with multiple authors (22). Here are some lessons I learned so far:

(mehr …)

Evolving Organizations from a greater perspective

To be what we are …
and to become whatever we are capable of becoming,
is the only end in life.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Thanks to Kerstin Schinck (Deutsche Bank) I came across this great video, describing the evolution of organizations in correspondence to key aspects in collaboration, goals and participation. I see this as a good description, why „our digital transformation understanding“ (technology driven, but greater impact on people, leading, culture and collaboration) is following a long term evolution, where networking, new organizational forms, new ways of collaboration and communication are just logical steps.

Lean and Agile Adoption with the Laloux Culture Model from Agile For All


For those who see this very familiar, there is a close connection to „Spirals Dynamics“

Comparing Spiral Dynamics & Laloux Culture Model

Comparing Spiral Dynamics & Laloux Culture Model


Great reads about that:

(mehr …)

5 Elements of Working Out Loud

WOL - Blick über die Schulter

John Stepper gave us a great gift with his Book „Working Out Loud„. Our world becomes more and more digital, so new behaviors, new habits and competence is needed to master it. Besides it would be great to make our world a better place too;-)

For our Organization I introduced Working Out Loud also as a personal development method, which is available for our employees around the world. I am convinced that this is a great method HR can use to guide employees into our digitalized world, and it is the foundation for working with virtual teams or making home office finally possible.

Since we are a technology driven company, I made some little adaptations in order to overcome the first hurdles and offer a solution which fits to their concrete needs.

So here is my interpretation of the 5 Elements of Working Out Loud (which John just recently revisited), (mehr …)

Keynote at 600Minutes Human Resources

Keynote at 600 Minutes HR

Looking forward to my Keynote at 600 Minutes Human Resources conference / Munich Hilton Park, tomorrow.

My Topics will be Digital Transformation, Co-Creation, Working Out Loud, CoachNet, Networks, Leadership, Digital Maturity and of course the role of HR.

What I specially like about this event is their advanced digital organization, via a modern web based platform (delegate portal) to setup meetings and connections in advance, to comfortably get all the needed details – paired with a very personal and friendly service. Absolutely professional and innovative – so I am curious if this positive impression will meet my further expectations.

Here is the presentation for my Keynote: (mehr …)

A new Change Management concept

Connecting power

Connecting power

Within the last 3 years, I spend a lot of time with the theory and practical use of „Organizational Change Management“. Many discussions (private and business), conferences, own pilots, many days coaching from a great person of Deloitte, learnings by observing outstanding „leaders in change“, participation in the inspiring „Change Agents Worldwide“ network and education by the great ISB (Institut für systemische Beratung)?

It made me rise the question:

Is Change Management – as we know it –
still the best way to „drive change“?

In my concept, I combined (mehr …)

Searching for a job? – ask the right questions!

Job 2.0

Job 2.0

I just had a discussion on what is #E20 (Enterprise 2.0) and we could clearly answer this one by „a holistic approach on how modern companies do business“.

In the beginning of Social Media – it was all about Communication and collaboration. Marketing for products and of course for jobs.

Today you will hardly find any big organization, which does not use Social Media for their recruiting. There are even companies, where you apply for a job via Twitter with a link to your LinkedIN, aboutme or Xing profile …that tells way more than some pieces of paper and saves a lot of effort – and it is faster too, even offering great filtering possibilities.

Many people today want to work for a modern company, where he/she can use modern tools, be seen as an individual, with great flexibility and a corporate portfolio which goes along with personal values… the question is – how to find out, how far down the road a company is. (mehr …)

QR-Code tragen – Visitenkarten sind so gestern



Manchmal wundert es mich, wie lange es dauert, bis sich manche Dinge durchsetzen 😉

Nicht nur bei Vorträgen, Konferenzen auch im Sport oder bei vielen anderen Gelegenheiten trifft man Menschen, mit denen man entweder in Kontakt bleiben möchte, über die man mehr erfahren will – oder schlichtweg auf einem Foto herausfinden möchte, wer das war. Im Sport verwendet man dazu Startnummern, in vielen Behörden werden Namensschilder getragen und üblicherweise Visitenkarten ausgetauscht.

Will man dann mehr erfahren, versucht man über Google, Xing, LinkedIn und viele andere Netzwerke Informationen zu finden, den Kontakt digital herzustellen oder eben Bilder zuzuordnen. (Gleiches würde auch für das Copyright eine große Hilfe sein)

Auch für Veranstalter bietet der QR Code viele Möglichkeiten, die Austausch an Informationen, die Nachbereitung und das Auffinden von Berichten, Fotos und Videos deutlich vereinfachen..

Eine doch recht nahe liegende Lösung (mehr …)