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I love to support modern, digital/virtual discussion formats like this one:


The ESNchat is a weekly chat on Twitter founded by @JeffKRoss. Thursdays 2-3pm ET (20:00 – 21:00 Uhr Germany).

Subject: ESN = Enterprise Social Networks.

Co-hosts & tweets: @jhonig1, @noahsparks @RitaZonius & @rainerbartl

Rainer Bartl invited me this thursday, February 07th to join in for topics around Leadership in the digital age, leading change and Networks.

In this one hour the hosts will present 6 questions, and everone is invited to answer or give feedback to others.

To connect the given questions and various answers, all tweets start with the responsive number like Q1 … A1 and the connecting #esnchat Hashtag

You can follow or review the discussion (also previous ones) here:

To stay tuned, it is also recommended to follow for future topics and discussions