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Some thoughts about various Organizational forms and some attributes – not to be seen as good/bad or old/new but to reference which organization is the best for what goal and which tools, what culture is needed to achieve it, plus a people view.

UPDATE!!! The power of diverse networks: Just 2 days after publishing my „draft“, I received 3 beautiful new versions of my notes – even in German and English from Andrea Hauch (see comments). As she needed it for herself, she asked if she could re-use it, which I of course agreed to. Now we all (at least the ones who appreciate this) can say a big thank to her for this awesome translation and upgrade. You can also download it below and us it „alike“ – not for earning money and with mentioning the authors: and Andrea Hauch

This is a preparation for the Blackboat Bootcamp next week. You can read it Top-Down or left-right showing the maximums

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Nice updated Version as PDF in A3 of Andrea Hauch in German & English and 3 color themes:

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