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Video conference about „Working Out Loud“

Working Out Loud Hangout

Working Out Loud Hangout

Last week we had the „Working Out Loud“ week – promoting this great approach of learning and improving, connecting, sharing and collaboration.

As mentioned in my articles before „Working Out Loud in practice“ and „WOL – der digitale Blick über die Schulter“ I really love this open concept and promote and drive it already for quite a while in our company across the globe. Due to my „absence“ – being in USA for our HR Conference, I was not able to give lot of input to this promotion week myself.

At the end of this article you can find a collection of links around „working out loud“!

Within the video, you can get a good introduction and the various views you can have into it:



Lessons Learned form this call:

Bringing people from various continents into one LIVE Google Hangout (mehr …)