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Courage for Change – A little Inspiration for Organizational Rebels

This article – originally in German Language on LinkedIn received already more than 9000 views, 400 likes and about 70 valuable comments and more than 1000 re-shares (yes I am a bit proud) Sebastian Kolberg kindly provided the translation here:

  • Why is change so difficult?
  • How can an organization meet the challenges of the digital age?
  • What can I contribute to this?

Not a few ask themselves these questions. Here are some personal thoughts and the hope to encourage you to swim against the current more often!

No, this is not a call to revolution, but a well-intentioned inspiration,

to start with yourself,

no matter if you are a board member, team leader or employee.

Everyone can change the world(mehr …)

The power of Social Media and its danger

This is one of the best #TED videos about #SocialMedia taking a critical look at it – from one of the starters Wael Ghonim of the #arabianSpring who puts it in very concrete messages.

#attention versus #quality in posts – is what we blame media for – but we do exactly the same.


Here are his to 5 conclusions in short:

1. We can not handle rumors

2. We create chambers of like minded

3. Others are also humans

4. Opinion change is hard because of speed of conclusions

5. Shallow statements win over discussions


I had the same experience, when I first used IRC chat in 1997 – connecting to people around the world. I was sure this transparency and connectivity can heal the world. Why, because history (mehr …)

Change – Values – One size fits all?

20141231_one_size_fits_allThe second part of my thoughts about a modern change management approach is about values and the typical way in big company (or government) to roll out changes: „One size fit’s all“.

In my experience today we are able to engage an individual change approach – of course we need a network of supporters for that, extremely open and fast, direct communication and a load of „TRUST“. The results on the other side are beyond everything we know from the past. But let’s start with the values as a foundation:

(if you missed the first part, i suggest to start here: A new change management concept … I will add more and more pieces)

If you want change, you need to work with „values“

Our believes and values drive behavior – don’t expect a behavior change from people seeing the highest value in (mehr …)

Infographic Social Business value example BLOG versus eMail

Infographic eMail versus Blog

Infographic eMail versus Blog

Blog versus eMail for Communication

Infographics are a great way to tell a story and explain how things work togehter (or not). „Gartner“ say’s that 80% of companies will fail their Social Business goals by 2015 by the reason „CEO commitment“. But why would they not want their people to work smarter?

In my eyes it is like when Internet came up – everyone had the feeling „we need it“ – but only very little had a vision, an idea or even a clear example, what the benefits are.

So it is not on the CEOs – it is on the „early adopters“, consultants and experts to SHOW the VALUE of using social business.

Well here is my contribution (mehr …)