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Digital Leader Award 2021 – Jury

Digital Leader Award 2021 - Harald Schirmer
Digital Leader Award 2021 – Harald Schirmer Foto: Tobias Tschepe

Auch dieses Jahr fand der Digital Leader Award in München statt. Eine hybride Veranstaltung um den Corona Vorgaben Rechnung zu tragen. Das Orga Team der IDG und Teile der Jury waren vor Ort.

Als Teil der Jury konnte ich am 30. Juni 2021 die Gewinner der Kategorie „People“ beglückwünschen. Seit 2017 kann ich über diese Tätigkeit von Deutschlands besten Digitalisierungsinitiativen lernen. Die Sieger sind auf der Awardseite mit ihren jeweiligen Projekten zu finden:

Sehr gerne hätte ich persönlich die mutigen Telekom Botschafter und die grandiose DATEV LernInitiative an erster Stelle gesehen.

Mehr dazu und Fotos des Events:

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Digital Leader Award 2019 – Jury

Winners Night – Jury Mitglied Harald Schirmer
Foto: Tobias Tschepe / IDG

Auch in diesem Jahr war ich wieder eingeladen als Teil der Jury die diesjährigen „besten Digitalen Projekte“ zu bewerten. Es ist immer sehr spannend vorab all die Einreichungen zu sichten, online nach „transparenten Wirkungen“ zu suchen und dann am Event, die Gewinner persönlich zu treffen und Erfahrungen auszutauschen

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Collaboration with other countries

Führung im Wandel

Benedikt Scherer from Cogneon asked me to share my experience – specially when it comes to train colleagues in Asia. He wrote a summary of his one week visit in Tokyo for training reasons. Here are some statements experience by testing new leadership and social collaboration (on eye level) as well as lessons I have learned:
We often hear that colleagues from Asia seem not to give much feedback. In my eyes many (specially) german colleagues just want „Yes, understood“ as a feedback, but not really an open discussion, or even own ideas. The reason is on one side, that we typically involve other countries after everything is decided and rolled out in Germany. Second it is so easy to call their „culture“ as – no need for explanation or change management effort… they do as told and don’t question things. This totally denies that we are talking about humans:


No matter from which country or culture,
humans have a lot more in common,
than what is separating them!

I experienced in various projects that real interest, changing perspective, real listening and understanding their hierarchy and social connections drives great results and most of all participation, engagement and of course feedback, too.

A different approach – Learning by Teaching:

Why not sending them your training material (mehr …)

Questions for HR Business Partner

Time is changing – specially for HR I see many new topics rising. The term „HR Business Partner“ implies that HR acts as a consultant for business leaders. Based on current evaluations, HR is not the function with the most advanced digital know how, nor being the function with the highest interest in it (still).

In my eyes HR is in front of a major decision about their future: Either administer the current tasks and ongoing actions or designing the organization of the future. If the choice is keeping business as usual, I am quite sure, this will end in being out-sourced fairly soon. We already see digitalized, automated services providing many of the HR services at a much more efficient way than an internal department could. Also being able to benchmark various companies (and sell those results) is a great advantage.

Based on my „Digital Self Assessment“ I put together some questions, HR colleagues might want to ask (themselves):

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Self Assessment – Digital Maturity

Digital Transformation is a buzzword – hardly anyone can explain that with only a few sentences. For most people it is even „just an IT topic“. Today I introduced the idea of an self assessment at the DGFP Zukunftswerkstatt in Berlin – and got quite some good feedback (Thank you for the additions!!)

Technology surely is a trigger in Digital Transformation, but it is all about people, behavior and a very different attitude.

My idea (which I am currently discussing in various groups) is to have a sort of mapping, where people or even organizations can find out, where they are, and where they want to grow too.

Self Assessment - Digital Maturity


In a first step, I would like to offer this matrix (mehr …)

Working Out Loud in practice

WOL - Blick über die Schulter

WOL – Blick über die Schulter

After privately and in business context testing various ways on how „Working Out Loud“ as a new way of Organizational Learning can be used, here are some first examples and „lessons learned“ – combined with some thoughts where this could develop too. To start with an overall impression – WOL has enormous potential for engagement, receiving appreciation and most important an extra-ordinary „real life“ and „real time“ learning experience.

Working Out Loud is in my eyes one great answer to our fast developing environment, where regular learning setups come to their limits. It is fast, direct, almost no preparation needed, most relevant and authentic, valuable for both sides and depending on the setup very sustainable (re-usable) – perfect for improvement, networking and constant learning.

This is nothing really new – in Generations we used to learn and improve by looking over others shoulders – now with the possibilities of „Digital Transformation“ and its tools, we can are no longer limited by being personally there, or living in the same „time zone“… it is scalable now!


  1. Working Out Loud via Status Updates
  2. Working Out Loud Session of Experts
  3. Working Out Loud of a „Beginner“
    Working Out Loud of „Anyone“
  4. Working Out Loud – personal experience
  5. Shop floor (production) WOL  with „Google Glasses“
    Common tips for practicing

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Change – Values – One size fits all?

20141231_one_size_fits_allThe second part of my thoughts about a modern change management approach is about values and the typical way in big company (or government) to roll out changes: „One size fit’s all“.

In my experience today we are able to engage an individual change approach – of course we need a network of supporters for that, extremely open and fast, direct communication and a load of „TRUST“. The results on the other side are beyond everything we know from the past. But let’s start with the values as a foundation:

(if you missed the first part, i suggest to start here: A new change management concept … I will add more and more pieces)

If you want change, you need to work with „values“

Our believes and values drive behavior – don’t expect a behavior change from people seeing the highest value in (mehr …)

Searching for a job? – ask the right questions!

Job 2.0

Job 2.0

I just had a discussion on what is #E20 (Enterprise 2.0) and we could clearly answer this one by „a holistic approach on how modern companies do business“.

In the beginning of Social Media – it was all about Communication and collaboration. Marketing for products and of course for jobs.

Today you will hardly find any big organization, which does not use Social Media for their recruiting. There are even companies, where you apply for a job via Twitter with a link to your LinkedIN, aboutme or Xing profile …that tells way more than some pieces of paper and saves a lot of effort – and it is faster too, even offering great filtering possibilities.

Many people today want to work for a modern company, where he/she can use modern tools, be seen as an individual, with great flexibility and a corporate portfolio which goes along with personal values… the question is – how to find out, how far down the road a company is. (mehr …)