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Fundament of building organizational networks

The Power Of ESN

The dynamically changing frame conditions, complexity and constantly growing amount of information, sources, relevant people requires us to rethink our way of communication and collaboration.

The success of Social Media worldwide (yes, despite all rumors, they are constantly growing, as they deliver answers, old channels just can’t) can be applied to our organizations as well! With more than a decade of experience, I try to sum up why modern organizations need an Enterprise Social Network – along with practical examples.

Organizing your hobby, family or friends via email is getting rare, since messengers revolutionized communication…

are you ready for ESN
to revolutionize the way you collaborate?

In this article, I try to consolidate my essential ESN know-how:

Always the first question, we should ask ourselves is: „Why would I or an organization need a Enterprise Social Network?“

It maybe started with the well known sentence „If your company would know, what it knows…“ So how can we unfold the knowledge, the power, the creativity, the competences and passion of not only individual, departments or teams, but your whole organization?

The fundament is – like we know from the internet – a platform, where ALL colleagues, leaders and even the board (surely in the future also customers, suppliers and other stakeholders) can communicate and collaborate – on eye level with all the features needed, to „create a movement“, leverage „resonance“ (things suddenly becoming relevant to many), solving complex tasks, being extremely responsive (to opportunities, problems, innovation, emerging markets or technology).

What becomes more and more important, ESN can help creating a „sense of belonging“ – a glue-like culture, keeping people connected, even over physical distance (home office or cross-country) or „asynchronous“ when working across time zones or just part time or with shared jobs.

The „WHY ESN“ in the picture with a bit more experiences connected:

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