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IBM Connect in Orlando

Once a year the social collaboration professionals and enthusiasts meet in Orlando / USA to present their new ideas, software and achievements in social adoption. IBM as the host of this huge event with about 6.000 participants demonstrated great logistic skills and built a perfect base for all the presentations, sessions, trainings, executive meetings and global networking.

The two major opening shows where really impressive with many VIP guests, who almost all had great stories to tell – as well entertaining and educating. I sure hope we will see some of them as video recordings.

IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando
IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando


Also the sessions, where we could meet the product managers and developers where a great opportunity to address important topics directly – and build efficient networks 😉

I want to give you a very brief „notes – protocol“ and some quotes and own thoughts I gathered during the six days – you might get an idea and some inspiration, what it was all about.

  • talent search is now democratized
  • every one wants to be treated like an individual
  • new technology is the most efficient driver nowadays
  • customer experience drives innovation and quality
  • no two people dance to music the same way – not even at the same beat
  • the way knowledge workers work has changed big time
  • Working in tandems as a new work style
  • re-using content in a new way (social learning / lessons learned)
  • customers incist in only working/talking with most knowledgable experts
  • product knowledge as driver for loyality
  • what if the learning about the products for employees, service and customers is one?
  • don’t just „do“ social – we have to be social
  • HR to create an environment of innovation
  • Highest engagement is when a person is entering a company – decreasing from there
  • leverage your own talents first – before going into „war for talent“
  • get real time feedback – anual surveys are outdated
  • transparence gives everyone clear feedback, where he/she is, what is expected, what is availabe and how everyone can improve and accelerate
  • how can we foster employees engagement and satisfaction?
  • IBM Mail NEXT – social eMail – product presentation
  • Connection now includes:  IBM mail NEXT, IBM Connection chat and meetings, Soft layer with IBM domino applications in the cloud
  • Alcatraz – context aware archive for email, social… – product presentation
  • woman take over – 3 out of 3 speaker are female #like
  • GECO  – abbreviation for Global Enterprise Collaboration
  • sharing succesful sales strategies globally as a success story of social business
  • Guide concept – a trust based culture 😉 a swiss company now also uses that term 😉
  • Kenexa – Profiles of employees drives their career (linking demands to existing competence)
Big sessions
Big sessions
  • Job marked will change big time by becoming a lot more flexible by assigning tasks to the best person available
  • success of HR for the business – assigning (providing) the best possible workforce – for the task – but what about the leaders, the employee dialog, mobility
  • leadership competence for every employee to get them ready for virtual leadership / community leadership
  • finally social project management including GANT charts, commenting and social collaboration available
  • clear direction moving from software (documents) to web editing … word, pages, powerpoint, keynote – soon obsolete!
  • Also spread sheets (excel, numbers) – what do users really want to do? – evaluating data, combining and filtering, visualizing
  • appreciation is, when two souls meet – CEO  Kenexa
  • Talent is a mindset – not a skill set
  • Tips for Talent:
    • culture wins
    • trust the people you hire
    • be flexible – not one size fits all
    • move people around
    • recognition and rewards:
      • do I get to do what i am best of?
      • is what i am doing important?
      • does my boss care?
    • support healthy work-life balance
    • dont skip on training (something new – stimulate)
    • live what’s next – being the best on one thing is not enough
    • hire for passion and agility
    • harness the digital
    • make it mean something / be part of something bigger
  • more Tips:
    • reward failure
    • build a growth culture
    • stay curious
  • AMC – figure out what the most important thing in life is
  • hire what you need – training is limited!
  • we are in times of individualization
  • decision support is a challenge for „internet of things“
  • Scott Adams – Dilbert:
    • template for success
    • system versus a goals (hope to get a video or excerpt)
  • Change Management
    • clear written objectives
    • be honest with yourself
    • usually you are not that far, as you might think
    • be able to laugh your way through a change (Kenexa)
    • you can learn a lot by evaluating offers and talk to providers…
    • set a date for important decisions (build trust)
    • it is ok to take a risk
    • SME needs to be powerful and inside the subject
    • driving big changes are not „additional“ tasks
    • bring all partners together as soon as possible (best from start)
    • lot of communication helps – the more personal and direct – the better
    • read faq’s
    • change management is as well a sience as an art
    • use the power of grass root…
    • chicken egg problem – not knowing enough to communicate, but need / want input and involvement
    • setup a change advisory council
    • communicate in the way the target group is used to
    • 3c:
      • challenge your process
      • communicate change
      • celebrate success
very professional logistic
very professional logistic


Finally a topic I really liked and I see massive potential in: GAMIFICATION:

  • there is no faster way to get to know someone as playing with him/her
  • 34 years is average age of a gamer
  • new games to ask for 4-dimentional strategy
  • gamers of stratgegy games to be hired for strategy jobs – gaming for better recruiting
  • case competitions – deliver solution over night
  • an Avatar as a visual representation of yourself
  • teach people business proccesses by designing strategic games
  • great retention by doing not just reading about
  • 99% of games are focused on training skills
  • city sim INOV8 game with real city data – for
    • disaster recovery
    • public policy
  • enables a group of people to communicate about a complex setups / smarter, more transparent conservation
  • games to modify user behavior
  • with a pedometer kids could amp their avatar – also the group score
  • games now using real data!
  • download a patients health data to an avatar to simulate a sugery
  • personality enhancement
  • cyber defense training games – active and reactive, crowd sourcing simulation
  • players solving problems without knowing it („foldit“ game) – casual game to teach an artificial protein structure… crowd sourcing – in 10 weeks solved the work of 10 year
    • no need to be an expert in anything – but still finding a cure for deseases by „building“ new protein structure
  • games to find code bugs – without showing the code
    • game „mozart code“ – code transferred into music – if something sounds not right fast hit a button …. 10000 users listening to it (tagging)
  • scores, leaderboard and badges – are not it – has to match the purpose
  • understand audience – how much time would they spend
  • take the time to find out what motivates your audience
    • purpose of the game (be more productive in selling)
    • find the hooks – document what taggles the right behavior
  • you need a broad knowledge of possible game setups
  • carracters evolve during a game in relation to talent management
  • today seek of self direction (autonomy, purpose…)
  • games to transforming cultures
  • games are a great to provide a save place to challenge situations
  • Event Tip: HR and gamification summit in paris in may
  • the quality proof is still missing
  • flipping the schoolday – do homework at school and learn new things at home (self paced learning)
  • use business tools – with inside game – as a save invironment
  • alternate reality game – unlocking different chapters on the storyline
  • Factors leading:
    • mastery
    • autonomy
    • purpose
  • Gallup 70% of employees are disengaged
  • reasons why employees leave a company
    • vision
    • purpose
    • motivation
    • future
    • fun
    • empathy
  • seriously find out, what motivates people – else chocolate covered broccoli 
  • What is it, what makes games great (unlock levels, evolve a character…)
  • Guild leaders of world of warcraft 
    • leading people they never met
    • great strategic capability
    • virtually
  • MMO = masively multi-player online role games
  • Promise – Cultural Transformation throughout the entire life time
    • recruiting
    • training
    • performance
    • succession
  • holistic approach (not only assessing)
    • skill matching
    • training and certification
    • mentorship
    • job and project placement
    • team optimization
    • traits for star performers
    • self direction and motivation
    • micro-economic skill management
  • play a game instead of filling out a form
  • finding patterns in successful teams by comparing avatars
  • Check out the game  
    • http://www.forbes.com/sites/gregpetro/2012/04/19/the-serious-business-of-games/
    • https://www.gartner.com/doc/2226015
  • by RFID recognition a water fountain made happy noise when they used it (or stairs) – and a sad noise when they walked by – tremendos success
  • not one hour playing but sending people on micro quests
  • games is conditioning, manipulating – making people forget to think themselves?
    • conditioning = pure, direct feedback (like happy noise when done sonething right)
    • strategic thinking = building multi level, role evolving, collaborating…
  • what about people turned off by competition? – character evolvement is more about collaboration
  • making sense is more important than memorizing things
  • games to help people understand – making failures in a save environment and after they experience the effect – displaying them the cause and where/when they made it
  • game design – actions have to have a meaning to people
  • Different things motivate different people
a set of photos will follow soon 😉




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