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Video Recording Enterprise Connect

Planning for a future of constant change“ – has been the title of our panel at the Enterprise Connect Summit in Orlando, USA 2019. Interesting experience to be invited to this IT focused conference with our adoption experience.

Harald Schirmer at Enterprise Connect 2019 in Orlando
talking about adoption in the digital age

There are great tools out there and digitalization makes big progress in terms of communication and collaboration infrastructure, software, hardware and services. The most heard missing piece is „how do we get people to actually use it, change their behavior… drive adoption?“ I am quite happy, that we have good answers at Continental.

If you like, you can watch the recording of our panel discussion now on YouTube:

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Florida bei echtem Februarwetter

Florida - Orlando - USA

Florida – Orlando – USA

Da freut man sich auf Florida – Orlando – Westküste USA …hier hat es meist um die 25°C oder mehr – im Februar!

Im Rahmen der mehrtätigen IBM Konferenz konnte ich neben dem Tagungsort (Disney World) ein paar Stunden auch Orlando „Downtown“, Universal Studios und eine kleine Spritztour an die Westküste machen. Dabei sind mit der kleinen Canon G15 und dem iPhone wieder ein paar Fotos entstanden.

Das naß-kalte Wetter konnte dort natürlich die Surfer nicht von ihrer Lieblingsbeschäftigung abhalten – leider hat das aber die kleine Kamera ziemlich überfordert – sowohl was Zoom als auch Auslöse-Verzögerung an geht. Dann „fokussiert“ man eben auf Dinge, die sich kaum bewegen und lässt das Auge auf Entdeckungsreise gehen…

viel Spass damit

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IBM Connect in Orlando

Once a year the social collaboration professionals and enthusiasts meet in Orlando / USA to present their new ideas, software and achievements in social adoption. IBM as the host of this huge event with about 6.000 participants demonstrated great logistic skills and built a perfect base for all the presentations, sessions, trainings, executive meetings and global networking.

The two major opening shows where really impressive with many VIP guests, who almost all had great stories to tell – as well entertaining and educating. I sure hope we will see some of them as video recordings.

IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando

IBM Connect 2014 in Orlando


Also the sessions, where we could meet the product managers and developers where a great opportunity to address important topics directly – and build efficient networks 😉

I want to give you a very brief „notes – protocol“ and some quotes and own thoughts I gathered during the six days – you might get an idea and some inspiration, what it was all about. (mehr …)