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What makes a leader a „digital“ leader?

A big part of the Digital Transformation is the role of our leaders.


At conferences, magazines and the internet we can read every day, that leaders have to change. I have a slightly different perspective on that. It sees whenever something new comes up, we are talking about „change“ as if there is a magic method to get from present to future state.

In my eyes most of the time it would be more valuable to take a closer look, what are the new demands and how to educate ourselves to become familiar and professional about it.


For a conference, where I was asked to share my personal view on „Digital Leadership“ (as I was recognized with a „Digital Leader award„). (mehr …)

Interview bei der AUDI HR zur Digitalen Transformation

Voneinander Lernen, Working Out Loud, Austausch zwischen Organisationen…

Nach einer Einführung und Austausch zur Digitalen Transformation und interssanten Fragen aus dem HR Umfeld sollte ich noch ein paar Fragen für die nicht anwesenden HR Kollegen in der Community – im Interview mit Petra Hock (Digital Innovation HR AUDI AG) – beantworten.

Inhalt / des Video Interviews:

Warum ist HR so wichtig für die Digitale Transformation? (mehr …)