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Bridging the digital gap with business transformation

Wow, what an awesome visualization the Keen Folks put together here – but the content is even more amazing.

Learning from thought leaders across the industries has always been a great inspiration to me. For the second time now I have been invited to contribute myself some experience and thoughts to this collection of insights:

Check out their great web experience at with their study results

Invest in realizing your achievements, not measuring it.

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Self Assessment – Digital Maturity

Digital Transformation is a buzzword – hardly anyone can explain that with only a few sentences. For most people it is even „just an IT topic“. Today I introduced the idea of an self assessment at the DGFP Zukunftswerkstatt in Berlin – and got quite some good feedback (Thank you for the additions!!)

Technology surely is a trigger in Digital Transformation, but it is all about people, behavior and a very different attitude.

My idea (which I am currently discussing in various groups) is to have a sort of mapping, where people or even organizations can find out, where they are, and where they want to grow too.

Self Assessment - Digital Maturity


In a first step, I would like to offer this matrix (mehr …)

HR Analytics – PPP Tagung … Tweets

Invensity GmbH und die Technische Universität Darmstadt luden zur „Preferred Partnership Programm“ Tagung mit folgendem Titel ein:

HR Analytics
New implications for performance measurement


„Reiche“ Fachvorträge aus verschiedenen Perspektiven zum Thema Messen, Performance, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), BigData, Recht und Leadership. Hier meine „Tweets“ während des Tages – entlang der Agenda. Die Fotos und Tweets sind während der Vorträge als kleine Notizen #WOL, Zitate oder eigene Gedanken dazu entstanden und hier „umkommentiert“ abgebildet – das ohne Quellen oder Kennzeichnung ist sicher nicht „sauber“ – lerne aber gerne, wie das im Multitasking geht 😉  ... andere Tweets gab es leider nicht

Alle Tweets sind mit PPPtagung getagged

Metrics that Matter -­ How HR Analytics will Reshape Our Working World

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