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Thoughts about Orgs

Some thoughts about various Organizational forms and some attributes – not to be seen as good/bad or old/new but to reference which organization is the best for what goal and which tools, what culture is needed to achieve it, plus a people view.

UPDATE!!! The power of diverse networks: Just 2 days after publishing my „draft“, I received 3 beautiful new versions of my notes – even in German and English from Andrea Hauch (see comments). As she needed it for herself, she asked if she could re-use it, which I of course agreed to. Now we all (at least the ones who appreciate this) can say a big thank to her for this awesome translation and upgrade. You can also download it below and us it „alike“ – not for earning money and with mentioning the authors: and Andrea Hauch (mehr …)

Ask your great Employees – you hired the best ones!

Organizations are so strange. Everyone wants the high potentials, the best employees on the market. But once they are hired, they are often put into the „leader“ (think, involve, solution) and the „employee“ (work, follow, problem) drawer.

So employees are not being asked or involved in decision making or planning. That might sound black and white, but ask yourself:


Who is asked in your organization,
once a decision is needed?
Leaders or Employees


I am happy to share with you the results of one of my recent projects at Continental on my future work mission – the Flexibility Engagement Campaign – For people, with people.



Click below to read the full story with additional videos, results and summary presentation:

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Evolving Organizations from a greater perspective

To be what we are …
and to become whatever we are capable of becoming,
is the only end in life.

Robert Louis Stevenson


Thanks to Kerstin Schinck (Deutsche Bank) I came across this great video, describing the evolution of organizations in correspondence to key aspects in collaboration, goals and participation. I see this as a good description, why „our digital transformation understanding“ (technology driven, but greater impact on people, leading, culture and collaboration) is following a long term evolution, where networking, new organizational forms, new ways of collaboration and communication are just logical steps.

Lean and Agile Adoption with the Laloux Culture Model from Agile For All


For those who see this very familiar, there is a close connection to „Spirals Dynamics“

Comparing Spiral Dynamics & Laloux Culture Model

Comparing Spiral Dynamics & Laloux Culture Model


Great reads about that:

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Mein Vortrag bei IntelligenceDays HR der Quadriga

IntelligenceDays HR

IntelligenceDays HR

Unter dem Hashtag #hrid2016 geht es auch auf Twitter morgen – bei dem von der Quadriaga Hochschule Berlin organisiertem Intelligence Day HR – sicher wieder sehr spannend um die Gestaltung neuer Arbeitswelten, getriggert durch die Digitale Transformation. Selbst bin ich schon sehr gespannt, welche Fragen es zu meinem Vortrag geben wird. Für die Continental AG kann ich in meinem Vortrag mit unseren spannenden Themen wie Working Out Loud (um das persönliche Verhalten in der Digitalen Welt zu lernen), CoachNet (um den Mehrwert von Vernetzung und globaler Bildung zu zeigen) Werbung für einen funktionierenden Wandel machen. Die Patentrezepte gibt es sicher noch nirgends, doch wer mit NeuGier und Passion in Bildung (natürlich hier im Besonderen im Erwachsenenalter) investiert, macht sicher nichts falsch.

Die Präsentation ist ja bereits online, wer sich also „vorbereiten“ möchte, kann das gerne tun. Im hinteren Teil habe ich einige „Bonus-Folien“ eingefügt, die ich vor Ort nicht zeigen werde (eventuell, falls im Fragenteil hilfreich). Die sind zur Veranschaulichung dessen, was im vorderen Teil nur auf der Tonspur passiert.

Vortrag bei der Quadriga


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A new Change Management concept

Connecting power

Connecting power

Within the last 3 years, I spend a lot of time with the theory and practical use of „Organizational Change Management“. Many discussions (private and business), conferences, own pilots, many days coaching from a great person of Deloitte, learnings by observing outstanding „leaders in change“, participation in the inspiring „Change Agents Worldwide“ network and education by the great ISB (Institut für systemische Beratung)?

It made me rise the question:

Is Change Management – as we know it –
still the best way to „drive change“?

In my concept, I combined (mehr …)

Searching for a job? – ask the right questions!

Job 2.0

Job 2.0

I just had a discussion on what is #E20 (Enterprise 2.0) and we could clearly answer this one by „a holistic approach on how modern companies do business“.

In the beginning of Social Media – it was all about Communication and collaboration. Marketing for products and of course for jobs.

Today you will hardly find any big organization, which does not use Social Media for their recruiting. There are even companies, where you apply for a job via Twitter with a link to your LinkedIN, aboutme or Xing profile …that tells way more than some pieces of paper and saves a lot of effort – and it is faster too, even offering great filtering possibilities.

Many people today want to work for a modern company, where he/she can use modern tools, be seen as an individual, with great flexibility and a corporate portfolio which goes along with personal values… the question is – how to find out, how far down the road a company is. (mehr …)