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The BestPractice Trapp

CYNEFIN Framework by Dave Snowden
CYNEFIN Framework by Dave Snowden

If you ask for BestPractice in a VUCA context > likely to FAIL

Best Practice is perfect to learn from each other, no doubt. The reason I use this drastic title, because of the experience that even in complex culture, transformation or market situations, we seem to „only“ want this one perfect solution, we can role out in a standardized way – one size fits all – top down… hoping „Best Practice“ means it will drive „best“ results anywhere.

Whenever we feel uncertain, we ask for simple answers. We are conditioned, to reduce complicated things to simple ones. OnePager, Elevator Pitch, KPI (Key Performance Indicators), ROI (Return On Investment), Traffic Light reporting… Nothing wrong, if we are in a simple and maybe in a complicated environment. As the CYNEFIN Framework shows, if you have more than one effects/solutions to one problem or cause (in complicated systems) – it already „depends“ which practice fits.

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Vortrag Microsoft Office 365 – New Work Style Migration bei AUDI

In der Vortragsreihe der AUDI AG „Zusammenarbeit 2.0“ war ich eingeladen über Erfahrungen mit Enterprise Social Media, unserem globalen GUIDE Netzwerk sowie der aktuellen Transformation (Einführung von Microsoft Office 365 – New Work Style) zu sprechen:

New Work Style ist dabei eine Kulturentwicklung mit dem Fokus auf Transparenz und Sharing, effizienteres Arbeiten (einfacher, weniger Aufwand, mehr Wirkung) sowie moderne Zusammenarbeit, welche die digitalen Möglichkeiten nutzt.

Simon Dückert (Cogneon Akademie) (mehr …)

5 Elements of Working Out Loud

WOL - Blick über die Schulter

John Stepper gave us a great gift with his Book „Working Out Loud„. Our world becomes more and more digital, so new behaviors, new habits and competence is needed to master it. Besides it would be great to make our world a better place too;-)

For our Organization I introduced Working Out Loud also as a personal development method, which is available for our employees around the world. I am convinced that this is a great method HR can use to guide employees into our digitalized world, and it is the foundation for working with virtual teams or making home office finally possible.

Since we are a technology driven company, I made some little adaptations in order to overcome the first hurdles and offer a solution which fits to their concrete needs.

So here is my interpretation of the 5 Elements of Working Out Loud (which John just recently revisited), (mehr …)

Wann haben Sie zuletzt die Welt verändert?

Im Personalmanagement Fachmagazin „HR Performance(bundesweit, Auflage 9700) ist in der Ausgabe 03/2015 jetzt ein 6-seitiger Artikel über die Einführung von Social Media im Konzern und dem „Erfolgsfaktor – GUIDE Konzept“ erschienen.

HR Performance 03/2015 Cover

HR Performance 03/2015 Cover

Folgende Themen habe ich dabei fokussiert:

  • GUIDE or be guided
  • Wozu Social Media im Unternehmen?
  • Transparenz als Fortschrittsmotor
  • Struktur und Informationsflut
  • Der „Blick über die digitale Schulter“ als Basis für lernende Organisationen
  • Simultanes Arbeiten „Work smarter not harder“
  • Human Relations – Vertrauen und Wertschätzung
  • Einführung Social Network in der Continental AG
  • Diversität = Reichtum
  • Veränderung erlebbar machen
  • „One Size fits all“ ist keine Option
  • Change Management braucht ein upgrade
  • Investition in Menschen hat den höchsten ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Ein weiter Weg für HR


HR Performance Artikel Schirmer 42/43

HR Performance Artikel Schirmer 42/43

HR Performance Artikel Schirmer 44/45

HR Performance Artikel Schirmer 44/45

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Rebels in the digital transformation

Change Agents Worldwide

Change Agents Worldwide

„Rebels“ are usually seen negative as people not taking rules for granted. Today we face so many things – which seem so wrong, not solved or just not yet developed or thought of. In such times rebels are needed to „stretch“ our borders, to widen our view, to create new impulses – to walk on roads, no one has taken yet.

Why – because we are seeking answers – new answers, because things change and early adopters, evangelists and other passionate people are needed to open the doors to a better future. …sounds maybe like from a Hollywood movie, but sorry no – I love to change my world… and I love to see others doing that. Of course it does not mean to break the law – but using todays possibilities to do things in a new way. In my projects I try to look at things in the most „basic“ way – „common sense“ is a very good coach – and even so „everyone knew it does not work that way – it sometimes needs one to just do it

Let me share this absolutely great video of Celine Schillinger (French woman of the year 2013) and her „Diversity“ project. After watching this – you might stop arguing about things and start becoming a rebel too: (mehr …)

Searching for a job? – ask the right questions!

Job 2.0

Job 2.0

I just had a discussion on what is #E20 (Enterprise 2.0) and we could clearly answer this one by „a holistic approach on how modern companies do business“.

In the beginning of Social Media – it was all about Communication and collaboration. Marketing for products and of course for jobs.

Today you will hardly find any big organization, which does not use Social Media for their recruiting. There are even companies, where you apply for a job via Twitter with a link to your LinkedIN, aboutme or Xing profile …that tells way more than some pieces of paper and saves a lot of effort – and it is faster too, even offering great filtering possibilities.

Many people today want to work for a modern company, where he/she can use modern tools, be seen as an individual, with great flexibility and a corporate portfolio which goes along with personal values… the question is – how to find out, how far down the road a company is. (mehr …)