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Change Agents Worldwide

Change Agents Worldwide

„Rebels“ are usually seen negative as people not taking rules for granted. Today we face so many things – which seem so wrong, not solved or just not yet developed or thought of. In such times rebels are needed to „stretch“ our borders, to widen our view, to create new impulses – to walk on roads, no one has taken yet.

Why – because we are seeking answers – new answers, because things change and early adopters, evangelists and other passionate people are needed to open the doors to a better future. …sounds maybe like from a Hollywood movie, but sorry no – I love to change my world… and I love to see others doing that. Of course it does not mean to break the law – but using todays possibilities to do things in a new way. In my projects I try to look at things in the most „basic“ way – „common sense“ is a very good coach – and even so „everyone knew it does not work that way – it sometimes needs one to just do it

Let me share this absolutely great video of Celine Schillinger (French woman of the year 2013) and her „Diversity“ project. After watching this – you might stop arguing about things and start becoming a rebel too:

If you want to get engaged and you have the power to „move“ the world – you might want to check out this great group of professionals – the Change Agents Worldwide … and you will experience a whole new level of passion, commitment and social power.