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BigData – Analytics – Wearables – Danger?

Denk mal mitSorry for this long text – I needed to write some thoughts down, to engage a bit of discussion on it…please see it as an early draft…

It seems to be a given development, where the only question is „when“ will we see the massive impact of this digital transformation, initiated by the technical possibilities of collecting, gathering and structuring massive data. It is not hard to predict that the job of a „Data Analyst“ has a great future in such an environment, where it is vital to be able to interpret the outcome of this data collections. Also the quality and speed of software generated reports would be unfair to compare to our limited possibilities, when it comes to „simple tasks“. But what about driving conclusions out of such data?

The data itself become only an extremely valuable basis for decisions, investments and research, once there is someone (or something) which can make „Sense“ out of it. Let me explain in 3 examples, why I am quite concerned about this development – without seeing a movement of „deeper“ and also more „holistic“ thoughts coming up. (mehr …)

Change – Values – One size fits all?

20141231_one_size_fits_allThe second part of my thoughts about a modern change management approach is about values and the typical way in big company (or government) to roll out changes: „One size fit’s all“.

In my experience today we are able to engage an individual change approach – of course we need a network of supporters for that, extremely open and fast, direct communication and a load of „TRUST“. The results on the other side are beyond everything we know from the past. But let’s start with the values as a foundation:

(if you missed the first part, i suggest to start here: A new change management concept … I will add more and more pieces)

If you want change, you need to work with „values“

Our believes and values drive behavior – don’t expect a behavior change from people seeing the highest value in (mehr …)

GUIDE worldwide Kick-Off

Ein Video zu meinem Kulturentwicklungs- und Social Media Projekt bei Continental mit 200 Teilnehmern aus 37 Ländern. Das Event war die Startveranstaltung für ein internationales GUIDE Netzwerk mit insgesamt ca. 450 Mitarbeitern aus allen Funktionen, Geschäftsfeldern und Karrierestufen. Die GUIDEs werden unseren 170.000 Mitarbeitern beim Einstieg in Business Networking helfen – parallel unsere Kulturentwicklung (Kernwerte wie Vertrauen, Freiheit, Verbundenheit und Gewinnermentalität) vorleben und fördern. Continental Kernwerte

vielen Dank an TVN für die tolle Zusammenarbeit und die Video-Produktion

(mehr …)