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  • The power of SHARING

    The power of SHARING

    Only if we stick our brains together, learning from and with each other, across our existing silos, we will be able to solve todays complex tasks… via sharing. #SHARING is a fairly new term for many, which has a variety of meanings. Some see it as sending a file via eMail or „uploading a final…


  • Bridging the digital gap with business transformation

    Bridging the digital gap with business transformation

    Wow, what an awesome visualization the Keen Folks put together here – but the content is even more amazing. Learning from thought leaders across the industries has always been a great inspiration to me. For the second time now I have been invited to contribute myself some experience and thoughts to this collection of insights:…


  • Maturity Glossary – please participate

    Maturity Glossary – please participate

    We use words to communicate- each one of us has it’s own network of thoughts about words. Specially in change initiatives, I find it highly relevant, to build a common understanding of the words used. click here to participate Views: 381


  • Leading Change Methoden

    Leading Change Methoden

    Was ist ein Rule Breaker Workshop? Warum helfen OPENCALLs Widerstände zu verringern? Was ist das GUIDE Konzept? Wie sieht Lernen im digitalen Zeitalter aus? oder Wie kann Beteiligung helfen, komplexe Problem zu lösen? Was meinst Du mit #MutAnfall oder warum ist Neugier so wichtig? Leading Change Methoden für komplexe Aufgaben im digitalen Zeitalter Seit vielen…


  • 5 Elements of Working Out Loud

    5 Elements of Working Out Loud

    John Stepper gave us a great gift with his Book „Working Out Loud„. Our world becomes more and more digital, so new behaviors, new habits and competence is needed to master it. Besides it would be great to make our world a better place too;-) For our Organization I introduced Working Out Loud also as…


  • The power of Social Media and its danger

    The power of Social Media and its danger

    This is one of the best #TED videos about #SocialMedia taking a critical look at it – from one of the starters Wael Ghonim of the #arabianSpring who puts it in very concrete messages. #attention versus #quality in posts – is what we blame media for – but we do exactly the same.   Here…


  • DWD2015 – Vortrag ohne PowerPoint

    DWD2015 – Vortrag ohne PowerPoint

    Seit ich begonnen habe, PowerPoint in Vorträgen immer weiter zu reduzieren, bekomme ich regelmäßig spannendes Feedback aus verschiedenen Richtungen. Vor kurzem entstand dann aus einem Gespräch heraus die Idee, wenn möglich einen Vortrag komplett live zu gestalten. Die Herausforderung ist natürlich immer die Bandbreite, Technik und die Teilnehmer (ob sie mitgehen). Morgen im Rahmen des…


  • Working Out Loud in practice

    Working Out Loud in practice

    After privately and in business context testing various ways on how „Working Out Loud“ as a new way of Organizational Learning can be used, here are some first examples and „lessons learned“ – combined with some thoughts where this could develop too. To start with an overall impression – WOL has enormous potential for engagement, receiving appreciation…


  • Change – Values – One size fits all?

    Change – Values – One size fits all?

    The second part of my thoughts about a modern change management approach is about values and the typical way in big company (or government) to roll out changes: „One size fit’s all“. In my experience today we are able to engage an individual change approach – of course we need a network of supporters for that,…