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2015 online statistic – Harald Schirmer

to all the great people,
who viewed, liked
or even commented
my contributions!!

At the end of the year, checking the statistics is not a bad idea – to see your reach and relevance of your posts. I am not a number driven person and surely I could do a lot better by more often checking, what is trending, when to post and with whom to „collaborate“. But this is not me – I want to be authentic, so I say what and when it is important to me 😉 / by being more silent around the holidays e.g., my Klout score dropped from 69 to 67 (which is always calculated by the last 90 days)

2015 Klout score Harald Schirmer

2015 Klout score Harald Schirmer

Still it is very impressive to see how many people viewed my content and reacted, commented and liked it. This is what keeps me going – and showes the value for the time spent.

My Blog statistic:

  • 739 articles
  • 65 pages
  • 721.000 visits – about 10.000 visits / month


2015 Statistic Blog Harald Schirmer

2015 Statistic Blog Harald Schirmer

Other platforms and their reach:

aboutme – Twitter – Facebook – LinkedIn – XING – GooglePlus –  Flickr –  YouTube –  Delicious –  Pinterest –  FotoBlog –  My KLOUT index –  AudioBoom –  Foursquare –  Utopia –  SlideShare …

2015 LinkedIn Schirmer ranking

2015 LinkedIn: Harald Schirmer ranking

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