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How muting kills engagement

On my mission to improve virtual and hybrid work: Stop MUTING, Start Talking!

Ever asked yourself,
why there is this strange silence
and little participation
in virtual meetings?

Before Covid, when many had little technical skills 😉 we learned that muting our microphones prohibits echo and ugly noises. During Lockdowns, we had the chance to learn, how virtual communication works, how important a good camera and lightening is, that a decent microphone dramatically enhances, how your messages come across.

New Work, Hybrid Work – virtual calls, meetings or conferences will stay. But shouldn’t we re-think our behavior, as one common issue in non-physical meetings is the lack of engagement, missing „vibrant“ discussions and an „natural“ atmosphere?

In our research and experimenting we found one important reason for that – and once this is changed, our virtual meetings became a lot better!

If you start your meeting with this:

it feels a bit like someone welcomes you with „SHUT UP – I don’t want to hear you/don’t disturb me!“ At least it is a clear message, not to actively take part, as there is a big fear of ?

Demanding muted microphones
might cause demotivation

Of course there are reasons for muting everyone, but then it would be recommended to use a „Broadcast“ session, where only the speaker can talk. For meetings, workshops or participative events, I would highly recommend, not to demotivate people by demanding „silence“. In the end, this is what I get – disconnected people in listening mode.

We tried: „PLEASE UNMUTE as default“
in many different meetings, workshops and events
and this is what happened:

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WOL FrauenStärken und GemeinsamWachsen

Role Model Harald Schirmer - WOL FrauenStärken GemeinsamWachsen

Anfang des Jahre kam von der großartigen Katharina Krentz die Anfrage, ob ich mich in der zweiten Runde Working Out Loud FrauenStärken als RoleModel beteiligen wollte. Nicht nur weil mir Diversität und WOL sehr wichtig sind und meine Erfahrungen im ersten Durchgang FrauenStärken 2020 sehr positiv waren, gab es nicht viel zu überlegen.

Working Out Loud hat sich in den letzten Jahren stark weiterentwickelt – verschiedene offizielle Coaches bieten diese wertvolle Methode an. WOL FrauenStärken hat längst die Tausend TeilGeberInnen Grenze überschritten – weil es „dran“ ist und weil ein passioniertes Team dahinter steht, die Community Management auf ein neues Level heben.

Hier findet Ihr alles wissenswerte über die großartige Initiative WOL FrauenStärken:

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