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Digital Maturity Blab – VideoChat

Blab #goDigital

Foto: Ellen Trude

Hier ein mini „Review“ zu dem fast 2-stündigen Video-Chat am Montag Abend 20:20 Uhr – 22:00 Uhr – wer möchte kann jetzt auch direkt reinhören – wir haben aufgezeichnet.

VIELEN DANK den aktiven Teilnehmern für den tollen Austausch!

Arbeitstitel war: #FlowDigitalGlossary  /Digital Maturity

Blab ist wie ein VIDEO Fishbowl – TwitterAccount notwendig …war natürlich kein Problem mit DigitalExperts 😉

Link zur Aufzeichnung:

wir hatten im Schnitt 15 Teilnehmer online und ca. 150 Follower – davon max 4 per Video, die Anderen im parallel laufenden Chat.

UPDATE: jetzt mit toller Zusammenfassung von Michael Otto!! (mehr …)

Keynote at 600Minutes Human Resources

Keynote at 600 Minutes HR

Looking forward to my Keynote at 600 Minutes Human Resources conference / Munich Hilton Park, tomorrow.

My Topics will be Digital Transformation, Co-Creation, Working Out Loud, CoachNet, Networks, Leadership, Digital Maturity and of course the role of HR.

What I specially like about this event is their advanced digital organization, via a modern web based platform (delegate portal) to setup meetings and connections in advance, to comfortably get all the needed details – paired with a very personal and friendly service. Absolutely professional and innovative – so I am curious if this positive impression will meet my further expectations.

Here is the presentation for my Keynote: (mehr …)

Self Assessment – Digital Maturity

Digital Transformation is a buzzword – hardly anyone can explain that with only a few sentences. For most people it is even „just an IT topic“. Today I introduced the idea of an self assessment at the DGFP Zukunftswerkstatt in Berlin – and got quite some good feedback (Thank you for the additions!!)

Technology surely is a trigger in Digital Transformation, but it is all about people, behavior and a very different attitude.

My idea (which I am currently discussing in various groups) is to have a sort of mapping, where people or even organizations can find out, where they are, and where they want to grow too.

Self Assessment - Digital Maturity


In a first step, I would like to offer this matrix (mehr …)