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Podcast Interview Teil 2 bei digiTALK

digiTALK Podacst Interiew Harald Schirmer

Teil 2 beim Podcast digiTALK – Digitale Transformation für Entscheider: “Digitale Transformation” Hier die Aufzeichnung von Teil 1 zum Nachhören

Dr. Jenny Meyer hat mich im zweiten Teil zu konkreten Nutzen, Vorteilen und Möglichkeiten eines Enterprise Social Networks (ESN) befragt. Welche Werkzeuge sind wofür geeignet und woher kommen sie – meine Erfahrungen. Es geht um meinen Umgang mit #Lernen, VUCA und Veränderungsgeschwindigkeit. Entschuldige mich schon mal für die viel „Ähs“ und hoffe der Inhalt ist dennoch die Zeit wert.

„Worte generieren „Wirklichkeit“ (mehr …)

CorporateInfluencer and Top DigitalAge Consultants


..only happens, once great people make it happen. Today in the digital age, we can learn from each other, share our best practices and support us with appreciation – a very needed part of „resilience“ – as changing organizations, foremost needs endurance. In this post I will share the names of such great people (who are active on one of the best learning channels: #Twitter)

appreciation is like a muscle, that needs to be trained

Sharing their names can also be seen as my personal #appreciation to them, as they are giving me strength, knowledge and inspiration to constantly go on. (mehr …)

Celine Schillinger – One Human at a time

Celine Schillinger

Celine Schillinger

What a great leading change summary from Celine Schillinger (Twitter: @CelineSchill) in her #WeNeedSocial Blog – covering the Top Ten Change enablers:

One Human at a Time
  1. Change is a journey, not a destination
  2. Change is done with people, not to people
  3. Change management is not project management
  4. Organizations often address change at the wrong level
  5. The system strikes back
  6. It’s really hard (but necessary) to unlearn
  7. Resist the temptation to change others
  8. Always look forward
  9. Organizations are living systems, not machines
  10. To change a culture, social media is a superpower

I can not agree more and highly recommend reading and SHARING this valuable post in your networks!

By the way Celine is also part of the great global Change Agents WorldWide Network:

Change Agents Worldwide

Change Agents Worldwide