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Knowledge Management can do better

Denk mal mitI again stumbled upon this (older but still very clear) presentation and would like to share it with you in my blog (I believe that now more people are willing to and have the first experience to understand what it is all about). For me the core sentence of this slides is the following
(including the  answer to three of the most important questions):

  • How do I get someone to share knowledge?
  • What is motivating?
  • How to make sure to stay in the right context?

„We share knowledge, when we have the right audience,
that motivates us and creates the right context“

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Infographic about organizational learning and knowledge management

Infographic Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Infographic Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management in the past decades was aiming for collecting, storing and categorizing knowledge. In my eyes it failed – Huge databases of dead documents have been built with tremendous effort and very little outcome. Usability, maintenance or accessibility – it just did not work – not to mention the never reached ROI (=return of investment). Our perfectionism and demand of having something „final“ before releasing or even publishing just adds another big hurdle for knowledge to become visible (Do you know those topic_final_v3.docx or topic_final_last_version.pptx files ;-))

We can not afford anymore to hide knowledge in databases, eMails or archives – only if we grant easy access to it, we will be able to develop answers for our complex present and future. Building a „learning organization“ and collaborating across borders would be a sustainable way for future demands and challenges.

Knowledge does not need to be „managed“ – it needs to „come alive“ by USING it, SHARING it, (mehr …)