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Denk mal mitI again stumbled upon this (older but still very clear) presentation and would like to share it with you in my blog (I believe that now more people are willing to and have the first experience to understand what it is all about). For me the core sentence of this slides is the following
(including the  answer to three of the most important questions):

  • How do I get someone to share knowledge?
  • What is motivating?
  • How to make sure to stay in the right context?

„We share knowledge, when we have the right audience,
that motivates us and creates the right context“

[slideshare id=1135966&doc=wissensmanagement1englischneu-090312064725-phpapp01]

Most important here for me: – going form „default closed to default open“ (my focus since 15 years) – here:

„Culture 1.0 – which information shall we make accessible?
Culture 2.0 – which information has to be secured?“

also important:

„while we work, we leave marks in the social system“
… not an extra effort (but only if we work WITH social software)

„this is where web2.0 ends and Enterprise 2.0 takes the spotlight:
The right conditions have to be actively created!“
[slideshare id=1136056&doc=wissensmanagement2englischneu-090312070622-phpapp01]

The last presentation is all about organizational-, change- and culture development

„a good boss doesn’t ave to be online,
but he belongs in the center of the communication“

[slideshare id=1136124&doc=wissensmanagement3englischneu-090312073017-phpapp02]