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LinkedIn Executive Summit 2016

Tomorrow I am looking forward to my presentation at the LinkedIn Executive Summit in the brand new LinkedIn DACH headquarters in Munich. Some hours of intensive exchange around digitalization, future work and what I am specifically interested in – what to expect next from LinkedIn’s portfolio 😉

In my presentation I will focus on the experience with digital adoption and the title:

„Digital is not a project“


Link to the event page

With LinkedIn, SlideShare, Pulse, Groups and the new Lookup there is already a variety of applications available. Just recently they added Tagging into their Status Updates, which is great. I would love to see it also in the profiles…

Digital Transformation is not a project!

Thoughts about change, projects and a better way to deal with something new … People Development

You can’t get around digital transformation anymore. So far so good. Now the strategists think of how to react, what to do and where to go. It seems a natural reaction to start a „Digital Transformation Project“. Projects are a known method, structured, including return on investment (#roi) and Key performance indicators (#kpi), milestones, having an assigned core team to drive it and ideally a good sponsor.


But this is not the way to do a transformation into something, most people don’t have a clue about, in an unpredictable world (called VUCA). A world where the successful players are experimenting, driving agility to its limits, betting on vague ideas and taking substantial risks, to win the next level. … And they usually do that in weeks or month / while our typical project are ready to roll out after 3 years… maybe?


Digital Transformation MUST NOT be a project!

  1. It is an absolute C-Level task … you can not delegate it
  2. Everyone needs to be involved … not just some stakeholders
  3. Experiment and fluently learn…you can not set clear, long term targets
  4. Experience the new options and build on them …ROI becomes visible afterwards… there is no formula for upfront
  5. Engage for an ongoing process …it will not be over soon (or in 3 years)
  6. It is necessary for all functions to self-re-invent … don’t rely on the available functions (they will self protect from change)
  7. If you stick to the original plan – you miss the magic left and right
  8. The influence from „everywhere“ is just to big and vital

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DWD2015 – Vortrag ohne PowerPoint

Seit ich begonnen habe, PowerPoint in Vorträgen immer weiter zu reduzieren, bekomme ich regelmäßig spannendes Feedback aus verschiedenen Richtungen. Vor kurzem entstand dann aus einem Gespräch heraus die Idee, wenn möglich einen Vortrag komplett live zu gestalten. Die Herausforderung ist natürlich immer die Bandbreite, Technik und die Teilnehmer (ob sie mitgehen).

Digital Workplace Day - Berlin

Digital Workplace Day – Berlin

Morgen im Rahmen des „Digital Workplace Day“ von Communardo werde ich genau das versuchen. In einem ersten Teil gibt es einen kurzen Vortrag, der entlang einer Sammlung von Schlüsselworten und zugehörigen Links statt findet. Die Teilnehmer können also ständig eingreifen und Ihren Fokus setzen. Das ist für mich auch eine spannende Rückmeldung, was aktuell von größtem Interesse ist. In einem Teaser-Video habe ich die vielen Facetten schon einmal vorgestellt – parallel dazu ist über die Software „The Brain“ eine Sammlung entstanden, die ich dafür verwenden werde – nicht alles natürlich aber das, was Interesse findet. The brain habe ich deshalb verwendet, weil es entgegen Mindmaps auch Verknüpfungen zwischen „Gedanken“ erlaubt – neben einigen anderen Vorteilen.


Der Vorteil für die Teilnehmer-  gemäß Working Out Loud – steht alles ausnahmslos (schon jetzt) komplett online (mehr …)

Questions for HR Business Partner

Time is changing – specially for HR I see many new topics rising. The term „HR Business Partner“ implies that HR acts as a consultant for business leaders. Based on current evaluations, HR is not the function with the most advanced digital know how, nor being the function with the highest interest in it (still).

In my eyes HR is in front of a major decision about their future: Either administer the current tasks and ongoing actions or designing the organization of the future. If the choice is keeping business as usual, I am quite sure, this will end in being out-sourced fairly soon. We already see digitalized, automated services providing many of the HR services at a much more efficient way than an internal department could. Also being able to benchmark various companies (and sell those results) is a great advantage.

Based on my „Digital Self Assessment“ I put together some questions, HR colleagues might want to ask (themselves):

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Influencing Digital Transformation

WeConect Berlin 2015

WeConect Berlin 2015

At the Reconnect Global Business Leader Conference in Berlin I could work together with the participants in five rounds to sharpen a question which is around for a while. „How can we influence the adoption of Digital Transformation?“ In other words, where is the biggest impact in Digital Transformation and how can we address that with the highest outcome. I promised to publish the results for all the world cafe participants – so here it is.

For this I asked all five rounds to create and add to a list of keywords, which are coming to their mind, when they hear or talk about Digital Transformation. Than I made a table out of the list and asked which one of them can be best addressed via:

  • Software (or Installations/Cloud Platform/App)
  • changing an existing Process
  • delivering Training or and Education Program

Here is the result:

Despite the common approach to „close the gap“ in Digital Transformation (mehr …)

Self Assessment – Digital Maturity

Digital Transformation is a buzzword – hardly anyone can explain that with only a few sentences. For most people it is even „just an IT topic“. Today I introduced the idea of an self assessment at the DGFP Zukunftswerkstatt in Berlin – and got quite some good feedback (Thank you for the additions!!)

Technology surely is a trigger in Digital Transformation, but it is all about people, behavior and a very different attitude.

My idea (which I am currently discussing in various groups) is to have a sort of mapping, where people or even organizations can find out, where they are, and where they want to grow too.

Self Assessment - Digital Maturity


In a first step, I would like to offer this matrix (mehr …)

Veröffentlichung: Mitgestalten – befähigen – führen

Mitgestalten – befähigen – führen – Social Business Infrastrukturen sind kein Selbstzweck … so der Titel eines weiteren Beitrags, diesmal in Kooperation mit Sirka Laudon (Leiterin Personalentwicklung Axel Springer) und Stephan Grabmeier (Geschäftsführer Innovation Evangelists). Im Fachmagazin des DGFP „PERSONAL FÜHRUNG“ beleuchten wir verschiedene Facetten auf dem Weg in eine Enterprise 2.0 Organisation. Trotz doch unterschiedlicher Organisationen, aus denen wir kommen, haben wir sehr schnell große Gemeinsamkeiten in diesem großen Kulturwandel gefunden.

Fachmagazin Personalführung 6/2015

Fachmagazin Personalführung 6/2015

Neben dem GUIDE Konzept und unserer Kultur-Initiative geht es auch um eine neue Ära der Wissensvermittlung z.B. über Working Out Loud, Teilen von Prozessen (nicht nur Ergebnissen) und warum es bei Personal (Human Resources) viel mehr um Beziehungen gehen sollte (Human Relations)

Hier können Sie das Einzelheft (Ausgabe 6/2015) direkt bestellen.

Fachmagazin Personalführung 6/2015 Seite 46/47

Fachmagazin Personalführung 6/2015 Seite 46/47

Fachmagazin Personalführung 6/2015 Seite 48/49

Fachmagazin Personalführung 6/2015 Seite 48/49

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Photos from South Carolina – Charleston

For a short Businesstrip / Conference (where I presented about Digital Transformation), I had the chance to go to USA – during the stay and short before departure, I could take some pictures.

I typically get up very early (or stay up very late) when I am on tour, to get at least some impressions of the places I am.

USA - South Carolina - Charleston

USA - South Carolina - Charleston

more on Flickr

Working Out Loud in practice

WOL - Blick über die Schulter

WOL – Blick über die Schulter

After privately and in business context testing various ways on how „Working Out Loud“ as a new way of Organizational Learning can be used, here are some first examples and „lessons learned“ – combined with some thoughts where this could develop too. To start with an overall impression – WOL has enormous potential for engagement, receiving appreciation and most important an extra-ordinary „real life“ and „real time“ learning experience.

Working Out Loud is in my eyes one great answer to our fast developing environment, where regular learning setups come to their limits. It is fast, direct, almost no preparation needed, most relevant and authentic, valuable for both sides and depending on the setup very sustainable (re-usable) – perfect for improvement, networking and constant learning.

This is nothing really new – in Generations we used to learn and improve by looking over others shoulders – now with the possibilities of „Digital Transformation“ and its tools, we can are no longer limited by being personally there, or living in the same „time zone“… it is scalable now!


  1. Working Out Loud via Status Updates
  2. Working Out Loud Session of Experts
  3. Working Out Loud of a „Beginner“
    Working Out Loud of „Anyone“
  4. Working Out Loud – personal experience
  5. Shop floor (production) WOL  with „Google Glasses“
    Common tips for practicing

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BigData – Analytics – Wearables – Danger?

Denk mal mitSorry for this long text – I needed to write some thoughts down, to engage a bit of discussion on it…please see it as an early draft…

It seems to be a given development, where the only question is „when“ will we see the massive impact of this digital transformation, initiated by the technical possibilities of collecting, gathering and structuring massive data. It is not hard to predict that the job of a „Data Analyst“ has a great future in such an environment, where it is vital to be able to interpret the outcome of this data collections. Also the quality and speed of software generated reports would be unfair to compare to our limited possibilities, when it comes to „simple tasks“. But what about driving conclusions out of such data?

The data itself become only an extremely valuable basis for decisions, investments and research, once there is someone (or something) which can make „Sense“ out of it. Let me explain in 3 examples, why I am quite concerned about this development – without seeing a movement of „deeper“ and also more „holistic“ thoughts coming up. (mehr …)

Digitale Tranformation von Unternehmen – DGFP Kongress

Unter diesem Titel findet nächste Woche der DGFP (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Personalführung) Kongress in Berlin statt. „Fragen für eine Zukunftsorientierte Unternehmensführung und HR Management“ – mich freut es ganz besonders, dass inzwischen auch renommierte Vertreter des Personalwesens das Thema Enterprise 2.0 auf der Agenda haben. Das sah noch vor einem Jahr völlig anders aus*. Perfekt dazu passt natürlich die von unserem Vorstandsmitglied Ariane Reinhart (HR) veränderte Schreibweise „Human Relations“ – wie in meiner Präsentation zum Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris gezeigt (und inzwischen über 900 mal geladen wurde).

Wer noch teilnehmen möchte – bis 23.02. geht das noch hier

DGFP Kongress

DGFP Kongress

Ich bin eingeladen mich im „Level 6“ mit dem Thema „Wie begleitet HR den Veränderungsprozess von Unternehmen und Menschen?“ am Beispiel von verschiedenen Firmen – moderiert von Stephan Grabmayer, wohl einem der erfolgreichsten HR-Transformations-Aktivisten in Deutschland zu beteiligen. Ich freue mich auf eine sicher sehr spannende Diskussion (mehr …)