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My e20s presentation – material & photos & social story

As a review of the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris this week – a great event with inspiring and most competent people, who really make a big difference in business transformation. Focus on HR, Leadership, Social Adoption or larger organizations, new workplace designs and as a red line throughout the conference: „Engagement“.

Harald Schirmer e20s - Photo: Danke! Bernd Gewehr

Harald Schirmer e20s – Photo: Danke! Bernd Gewehr

You can choose to just browse through the plain presentation here – or take the „social Time Machine“ – where I collected many statements, reactions, photos and other sources to give you most lively virtual experience of those two days after this slides:

Get to my Flickr Photo Album and the full story here:  (mehr …)

A new Change Management concept

Connecting power

Connecting power

Within the last 3 years, I spend a lot of time with the theory and practical use of „Organizational Change Management“. Many discussions (private and business), conferences, own pilots, many days coaching from a great person of Deloitte, learnings by observing outstanding „leaders in change“, participation in the inspiring „Change Agents Worldwide“ network and education by the great ISB (Institut für systemische Beratung)?

It made me rise the question:

Is Change Management – as we know it –
still the best way to „drive change“?

In my concept, I combined (mehr …)