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  • Invitation BarCamp Session about Complexity

    Invitation BarCamp Session about Complexity

    Telekom invites for an inspiring BarCamp Day around „Human Centered Technology“ – I am honored to host a session on Wednesday May 29th at 2:15 pm with the title: How to master today’s complexitywithout simplifying Humans are complex, Nature is complex, Markets are complex – how can simplification be a respectful answer? #CelebrateHumanPower Views: 348


  • Leveraging Complexity

    Leveraging Complexity

    There is quite some material about complexity available – never-the-less it seems one of the biggest challenges to identify complex tasks or problems (and distinguish from complicated or simple ones) and even more to apply reasonable, fitting methods and formats. Today I want to exemplify my personal approach on leveraging the power of complexity. In…