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Infographic about Flexibilisation & Individualization

20140518_infographic_flex_individual_teaserAccepted – it is not really an infographic – there are just no pictures included. I still like to use this format for the action-effect-chain.

This time I tired to display how Social Media can help on Flexibilisation and Individualization – which is highly required for our more and more complex world. Agility is for many people and organizations a threat – first because it is a change (and natural behavior to any change is denial and fighting at first) and because it is against the traditional stability we all like to have – something reliable.

Taking a look into our real world – a lot has change already – and our work environment has not really adopted yet. Homeoffice, working mobile and virtual teams are a solution for our demand for diversity, new family models (with both working and still having kids) and also for our future – new retirement options (for those who do not just want to get kicked out of the life-long social environment, loosing all responsibility, connections and purpose) and our higher mobility.

Of course there are also very critical issues to it – so let’s start discussing it and getting into detailed argumentations… Here is todays infographic: (mehr …)