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Influencing Digital Transformation

WeConect Berlin 2015

WeConect Berlin 2015

At the Reconnect Global Business Leader Conference in Berlin I could work together with the participants in five rounds to sharpen a question which is around for a while. „How can we influence the adoption of Digital Transformation?“ In other words, where is the biggest impact in Digital Transformation and how can we address that with the highest outcome. I promised to publish the results for all the world cafe participants – so here it is.

For this I asked all five rounds to create and add to a list of keywords, which are coming to their mind, when they hear or talk about Digital Transformation. Than I made a table out of the list and asked which one of them can be best addressed via:

  • Software (or Installations/Cloud Platform/App)
  • changing an existing Process
  • delivering Training or and Education Program

Here is the result:

Despite the common approach to „close the gap“ in Digital Transformation (mehr …)