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Good Bye Ottilie

For our dog Ottilie‬ – 12 years in pictures

2003 – 2015 Ottilie has been our best friend and very special character.

We took her from the animal shelter – originally rescued from Greece as a street dog. It seemed she had a bad history resulting in many times biting out of fear. After professional support, we could change her to be the best partner – accompanying us almost everywhere for almost twelve years.

She had to put to sleep after a series of heavy health problems.

We will never forget you…



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… nach fünf Tagen

Otto ist fertig

Otto ist fertig

Nach bereits 5 Tagen renovieren steht eins schon mal fest – vergleichbar mit einer Wohnungsrenovierung ist das nicht.

Otti unser Hund ist zumindest schon ziemlich fertig