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Social Collaboration Maturity Level 2 – „WHAT“

Observing colleagues going through the maturity phases I noticed – as in most other change processes – their questions changed quite a bit, helping me to identify very fast which maturity they have achieved so far. That is very important to be able to help them with accurate support. This might sound very trivial and clear, since we know that for years, but for changes into something we have not completely understood, gone through it takes a while to build an understanding for those levels.

Social Collaboration is a new level of exchanging knowledge, working together and communicating – like going from paper based to electronic exchange es described here



… Typically you would read the rest of the article out of my perspective – but I do want to experiment: Why only writing about it only and not actually demonstrating collaborative work!

So this article will be published (next) Sunday, September 4th – until than, you can follow „us“ how it grows – and you can even get involved as an author:


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Social Collaboration Maturity Levels

social_collaboration_maturity_levelsWorking in virtual teams requires a new set of communication and collaboration skills. Based on todays available technology we have many more options for collaborative work without the limitation of time and location. Accepting that virtual collaboration is a compromise, it is the status quo for our todays work with colleagues, teams, companies, customers or suppliers.

Social Media has shown us many advantages – but not everyone can see them yet.. or trusts their promises. We can compare the impact with going from handwritten letters and Overhead-Projectors to eMail and Beamers – the last communication „update“.

Ask yourself:

Could you do your job
with handwriting and static foils – today?

Social Collaboration is the logical next level, enabling us to engage network communication, reducing the known physical limitations … being an answer for the demands of an agile, complex world, where not One final Answer but diversity leads to success.

With the experience of a decade of internal and external adoption, here is a first summary (mehr …)