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Video conference about „Working Out Loud“

Working Out Loud Hangout

Working Out Loud Hangout

Last week we had the „Working Out Loud“ week – promoting this great approach of learning and improving, connecting, sharing and collaboration.

As mentioned in my articles before „Working Out Loud in practice“ and „WOL – der digitale Blick über die Schulter“ I really love this open concept and promote and drive it already for quite a while in our company across the globe. Due to my „absence“ – being in USA for our HR Conference, I was not able to give lot of input to this promotion week myself.

At the end of this article you can find a collection of links around „working out loud“!

Within the video, you can get a good introduction and the various views you can have into it:



Lessons Learned form this call:

Bringing people from various continents into one LIVE Google Hangout (mehr …)

Working Out Loud in practice

WOL - Blick über die Schulter

WOL – Blick über die Schulter

After privately and in business context testing various ways on how „Working Out Loud“ as a new way of Organizational Learning can be used, here are some first examples and „lessons learned“ – combined with some thoughts where this could develop too. To start with an overall impression – WOL has enormous potential for engagement, receiving appreciation and most important an extra-ordinary „real life“ and „real time“ learning experience.

Working Out Loud is in my eyes one great answer to our fast developing environment, where regular learning setups come to their limits. It is fast, direct, almost no preparation needed, most relevant and authentic, valuable for both sides and depending on the setup very sustainable (re-usable) – perfect for improvement, networking and constant learning.

This is nothing really new – in Generations we used to learn and improve by looking over others shoulders – now with the possibilities of „Digital Transformation“ and its tools, we can are no longer limited by being personally there, or living in the same „time zone“… it is scalable now!


  1. Working Out Loud via Status Updates
  2. Working Out Loud Session of Experts
  3. Working Out Loud of a „Beginner“
    Working Out Loud of „Anyone“
  4. Working Out Loud – personal experience
  5. Shop floor (production) WOL  with „Google Glasses“
    Common tips for practicing

(mehr …)

Lessons learned from Social Media Implementation

Our implementation of Social Media was very successful – ever since many ask, „what has been the major factor?“. Of course it was a team effort and many people had an important part in this massive change.

As „the“ leverage effect the „GUIDE concept“ was clearly identified. Here I put the most important slides together, showing the lessons and consolidated information about this implementation: