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If you are afraid of information overflow

If you are afraid of information overload, you can keep crying or start improving your skills!

Blaming information, people or… is not going to help you. In fact the information has not increased, but it’s accessibility, Today it is finally possible to get information from many places, events and actions with just one click. As long as you still want to „control“ it, you will burn out. Start building a valuable network, connect with like-minded people, follow those who share information, you are curious about (or in business context – topics along your profession and projects). One core functionality of social collaboration is the consolidation power of your network. Relevance is given by likes and comments… your network will support you with seeing, what is relevant … start building trust and learn! There is no information overload, and there is no un-important information (it’s just unimportant from your perspective) – understand that in Social Communication not you, but the „audience“ decides, what is relevant – and when. We call this going from push (your mails) to pull (everything is available at your fingertip)

PS if you are suffering from eMail overload… you are just using the wrong tool 😉





Information Overflow!!

Too much information!!

With this article, I would like to share my answer to this very common complain…

Many people complain about the increase of information, the flood of photos, videos, their speed and even channels providing them

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The desire to come back to a simple world is growing throughout all ages.

A big argument in the digital transformation is that with all that new media, channels and possibilities, we are creating an information flood (text, photo, video…).
That sounds reasonable – but is only partly true.

We do not „create“ an information flood – we are making it visible / accessible!

In „good old times“ we had reporters, investigating, selecting, curating content and served it via newspaper or TV – We only had to choose our „education level“ (e.g. shows or news)
Also at work our managers made our work simple and selected what we need to know and gave us directions what to do.

That worked fine in an disconnected and mostly stable, local environment. Now we are living in a highly connected, agile and dynamic environment.

The information itself did not really (mehr …)

Unterwegs ins Mittelmaß?


Seit einigen Monaten möchte ich einen Artikel zu diesem Thema schreiben –  es ist aber mehr eine Menge an einzelnen Gesichtspunkten, die auf den ersten Blick scheinbar nicht so richtig zusammen passen – in meinen Augen aber ein bedenkliches „Gesamtbild“ ergeben.
Sehr gerne tausche ich mich darüber zur Zeit mit anderen Interessierten aus. (mehr …)