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Graphic Recording – Missionsblitzlichter

Schirmer VUCA VerVieVas
Schirmer VUCA VerVieVas

Auf der Copetri 2022 durfte ich Tobias Hegner und Fridolin Brandl von VerVieVas kennen lernen. Ihre Passion: Lernen und Zusammenhänge visuell (Infografiken, Graphic recording, Erklärvideos) „attraktiv“ darzustellen. Der Einladung ein Gespräch über meine Themen zu visualisieren bin ich natürlich gerne gefolgt. Es war ein sehr intensives Mäandern in einem ganzheitlichen, komplexen Feld – genau so sollte es sein. VUCA im Hinblick auf Transformation und Menschlichkeit.

Wer mich kennt und meinen Themen schon eine Weile folgt, wird sicher Blitzlichter erkennen, allen anderen wünsche ich ein paar spannende Fragezeichen, denen es sicher lohnt nachzugehen: In Zeiten des Wandels sind Fragen erst einmal wichtiger als schnelle Antworten.

(mehr …)

Keynote auf der BITKOM KnowTech



Als kleine Einleitung auf meine Keynote mit dem Titel Lebendiges Wissen – Organisation als lebendiger Organismus im Rahmen der BITKOM KnowTech  – dem Kongress für Wissensmanagement, Social Media und Collaboration am 15./16. Oktober in Hanau hier ein paar Links auf Einträge in meinem Blog, die zu diesem Thema passen. Ich bin sehr gespannt auf regen Austausch!

Für die KnowTech Blogparade hätte ich gerne konkret die Fragen beantwortet – das schaffe ich aber zeitlich leider nicht… vielleicht sind hier auch einige Antworten enthalten.



Für die, die nicht zur KnowTech kommen können: Cogneon wird am 15.10. Abends von 19:30-20:30 Uhr von der Veranstaltung unter live podcasten…

Infographic about Flexibilisation & Individualization

20140518_infographic_flex_individual_teaserAccepted – it is not really an infographic – there are just no pictures included. I still like to use this format for the action-effect-chain.

This time I tired to display how Social Media can help on Flexibilisation and Individualization – which is highly required for our more and more complex world. Agility is for many people and organizations a threat – first because it is a change (and natural behavior to any change is denial and fighting at first) and because it is against the traditional stability we all like to have – something reliable.

Taking a look into our real world – a lot has change already – and our work environment has not really adopted yet. Homeoffice, working mobile and virtual teams are a solution for our demand for diversity, new family models (with both working and still having kids) and also for our future – new retirement options (for those who do not just want to get kicked out of the life-long social environment, loosing all responsibility, connections and purpose) and our higher mobility.

Of course there are also very critical issues to it – so let’s start discussing it and getting into detailed argumentations… Here is todays infographic: (mehr …)

Infographic about organizational learning and knowledge management

Infographic Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Infographic Organizational Learning and Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management in the past decades was aiming for collecting, storing and categorizing knowledge. In my eyes it failed – Huge databases of dead documents have been built with tremendous effort and very little outcome. Usability, maintenance or accessibility – it just did not work – not to mention the never reached ROI (=return of investment). Our perfectionism and demand of having something „final“ before releasing or even publishing just adds another big hurdle for knowledge to become visible (Do you know those topic_final_v3.docx or topic_final_last_version.pptx files ;-))

We can not afford anymore to hide knowledge in databases, eMails or archives – only if we grant easy access to it, we will be able to develop answers for our complex present and future. Building a „learning organization“ and collaborating across borders would be a sustainable way for future demands and challenges.

Knowledge does not need to be „managed“ – it needs to „come alive“ by USING it, SHARING it, (mehr …)

Infographic Social Business value example BLOG versus eMail

Infographic eMail versus Blog

Infographic eMail versus Blog

Blog versus eMail for Communication

Infographics are a great way to tell a story and explain how things work togehter (or not). „Gartner“ say’s that 80% of companies will fail their Social Business goals by 2015 by the reason „CEO commitment“. But why would they not want their people to work smarter?

In my eyes it is like when Internet came up – everyone had the feeling „we need it“ – but only very little had a vision, an idea or even a clear example, what the benefits are.

So it is not on the CEOs – it is on the „early adopters“, consultants and experts to SHOW the VALUE of using social business.

Well here is my contribution (mehr …)