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Interview im HR Performance Magazin

Chefredakteur Franz Langecker des Personalmagazins HR Performance bat mich zum Interview zur Digitalen Transformation und meiner Perspektive auf die Auswirkung auf den Personalbereich – meine persönlichen Erfahrungen, Aktionen und Methoden. Der Artikel mit dem Titel „Sharing fängt mit Geben an“ ist im Heft 1/2017 auf den Seiten 14-18 zu finden oder unter zu bestellen.

Ich habe die Erlaubnis das Interview hier auch zur „digitalen“ Nachlese zu posten, hier sind auch die referenzierten Links aktiv anklickbar:

[slideshare id=72512286&doc=hr-p12017schirmer-170223175036&type=d]


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GUIDEs: How I found the most passionate Change Agents

Lately more and more people  asked me about the GUIDE Self Introduction Form, which I developed as an application form (and filter) to find voluntary Change Agents. Here it is – with some background information and how I put it together (and why) It has been a lessons learned review for me as well – so thanks for the trigger.

In 2012 I had the task to drive a huge culture change at Continental – introducing Enterprise Social Networking. To reach all our (back than) 86.000 colleagues with access to a computer, I needed a network of passionate change agents. My goal was to have at least one in every location (in 50 countries) and this „GUIDE“ should not have to take care of more than 200 people, personally. So I had to find about 400 highly engaged, self driven colleagues in all levels, all regions, functions and age – also hierarchy level.




How to find 400 passionate change agents (without THEM knowing, they could be) The only fast communication channel, back than has been eMail, so I won over our CFO and CHO to send out a short note to every colleague worldwide:


„Are you a motivated, curious, communicative person? Do you want to become part of a global GUIDE network demonstrating a new method of communication and collaboration?“ Apply to be a GUIDE by filling out this short Self Introduction Form


During the three year journey, I never mentioned Change Management tools, methods or terms or called anyone „Change Agent“.

Many had doubts that those „voluntary“ colleagues could do the job

I did not ask for grades, positions, functions, education levels. The only request I made has been:

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Our Sender-Receiver Problem in Business

Sender-Receiver Problem in Business

Sender-Receiver Problem in Business

Yesterday in our Enterprise 2.0 Meetup in Stuttgart (here are some tweets about it), I presented my interpretation of the „Sender-Receiver“ Problem, which I often see in Business Situations and Leadership. The following model is based on the experience I made with the GUIDE Concept to introduce Social Business in a global company.

In the past I realized that the leader, project teams or authorities, which tried to change something in people, faced sometimes just little effect. Analyzing what „they“ wer thinking about (and focusing on) – giving tasks or trainings to others on one side and listening carefully about the questions the people had (and their reactions) on the other – showed me a big gap.

In the GUIDE concept I was trying to build the virtual team of the GUIDEs on a Vision (we built together) and „TRUST“ and giving people freedom to act (or I would call it „offering chances„), we could reach great, divers and fascinating results.

If we see every task or action – as a CHANGE for the potential target group, we might realize, that we need to think of the impact in a different way:

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Lessons learned from Social Media Implementation

Our implementation of Social Media was very successful – ever since many ask, „what has been the major factor?“. Of course it was a team effort and many people had an important part in this massive change.

As „the“ leverage effect the „GUIDE concept“ was clearly identified. Here I put the most important slides together, showing the lessons and consolidated information about this implementation: