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We.Conect – Global Business Leader Conference

WECONECT Berlin 2015

Social Business Collaboration 2015 took place in Berlin October second. A very informative event with great speakers of european companies. I was invited to host a world cafe about the challenges of integration a social collaboration platform into business processes.

WECONECT Berlin 2015

I created a storify timeline (mehr …)

Change – Values – One size fits all?

20141231_one_size_fits_allThe second part of my thoughts about a modern change management approach is about values and the typical way in big company (or government) to roll out changes: „One size fit’s all“.

In my experience today we are able to engage an individual change approach – of course we need a network of supporters for that, extremely open and fast, direct communication and a load of „TRUST“. The results on the other side are beyond everything we know from the past. But let’s start with the values as a foundation:

(if you missed the first part, i suggest to start here: A new change management concept … I will add more and more pieces)

If you want change, you need to work with „values“

Our believes and values drive behavior – don’t expect a behavior change from people seeing the highest value in (mehr …)