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  • Maturity Glossary – please participate

    Maturity Glossary – please participate

    We use words to communicate- each one of us has it’s own network of thoughts about words. Specially in change initiatives, I find it highly relevant, to build a common understanding of the words used. click here to participate Views: 260


  • Ask your great Employees – you hired the best ones!

    Ask your great Employees – you hired the best ones!

    Organizations are so strange. Everyone wants the high potentials, the best employees on the market. But once they are hired, they are often put into the „leader“ (think, involve, solution) and the „employee“ (work, follow, problem) drawer. So employees are not being asked or involved in decision making or planning. That might sound black and…


  • Infographic about Flexibilisation & Individualization

    Infographic about Flexibilisation & Individualization

    Accepted – it is not really an infographic – there are just no pictures included. I still like to use this format for the action-effect-chain. This time I tired to display how Social Media can help on Flexibilisation and Individualization – which is highly required for our more and more complex world. Agility is for…