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Ask your great Employees – you hired the best ones!

Organizations are so strange. Everyone wants the high potentials, the best employees on the market. But once they are hired, they are often put into the „leader“ (think, involve, solution) and the „employee“ (work, follow, problem) drawer.

So employees are not being asked or involved in decision making or planning. That might sound black and white, but ask yourself:


Who is asked in your organization,
once a decision is needed?
Leaders or Employees


I am happy to share with you the results of one of my recent projects at Continental on my future work mission – the Flexibility Engagement Campaign – For people, with people.



Click below to read the full story with additional videos, results and summary presentation:

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Infographic about Flexibilisation & Individualization

20140518_infographic_flex_individual_teaserAccepted – it is not really an infographic – there are just no pictures included. I still like to use this format for the action-effect-chain.

This time I tired to display how Social Media can help on Flexibilisation and Individualization – which is highly required for our more and more complex world. Agility is for many people and organizations a threat – first because it is a change (and natural behavior to any change is denial and fighting at first) and because it is against the traditional stability we all like to have – something reliable.

Taking a look into our real world – a lot has change already – and our work environment has not really adopted yet. Homeoffice, working mobile and virtual teams are a solution for our demand for diversity, new family models (with both working and still having kids) and also for our future – new retirement options (for those who do not just want to get kicked out of the life-long social environment, loosing all responsibility, connections and purpose) and our higher mobility.

Of course there are also very critical issues to it – so let’s start discussing it and getting into detailed argumentations… Here is todays infographic: (mehr …)