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Management = ineffiziente Führung

Denk mal mitIn einem Vortrag gestern auf der CeBIT habe ich folgenden Satz vertreten:

„Management is die denkbar
ineffizienteste Form der Menschenführung!“

und nicht mehr nachhaltig!

Dazu ein paar Stichpunkte:

Management bedeutet für mich „Command & Control“ also steuern, Befehle geben und kontrollieren. Das passt wunderbar für Dinge, Ressourcen, Maschinen, Werkzeuge – nicht aber für Menschen, für Kultur oder auch Veränderung (dafür wird es nach wie vor gerne verwendet)

Leadership (mehr …)

Searching for a job? – ask the right questions!

Job 2.0

Job 2.0

I just had a discussion on what is #E20 (Enterprise 2.0) and we could clearly answer this one by „a holistic approach on how modern companies do business“.

In the beginning of Social Media – it was all about Communication and collaboration. Marketing for products and of course for jobs.

Today you will hardly find any big organization, which does not use Social Media for their recruiting. There are even companies, where you apply for a job via Twitter with a link to your LinkedIN, aboutme or Xing profile …that tells way more than some pieces of paper and saves a lot of effort – and it is faster too, even offering great filtering possibilities.

Many people today want to work for a modern company, where he/she can use modern tools, be seen as an individual, with great flexibility and a corporate portfolio which goes along with personal values… the question is – how to find out, how far down the road a company is. (mehr …)