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  • Podcast „Agile Way of Working“ at Software Academy

    Podcast „Agile Way of Working“ at Software Academy

    Not (yet) available outside of Continental – we have various  podcast, webcast and other multimedia formats to  educate, inspire and guide our colleagues worldwide – in an asynchronous format. Scalable communication and collaboration becomes more an more essential – and efficient. It is important so, to offer exchange next to providing content – and moderate discussions.Thanks a lot to Hannes Hess for the great learning journey…


  • Maturity Glossary – please participate

    Maturity Glossary – please participate

    We use words to communicate- each one of us has it’s own network of thoughts about words. Specially in change initiatives, I find it highly relevant, to build a common understanding of the words used. click here to participate Views: 298


  • AGILE Sound

    AGILE Sound

    Made in Germany – hoher Qualitätsanspruch – und leider auch hoher Preis… dafür verspricht die Firma Agile mit ihren HIFI Geräten besonderes Hörvergnügen. Ausser dem wahlschalter für die Quelle und dem Lautstärkeregler gibts nichts einzustellen – so wenig „Qualitätsverlust“ wie möglich um genau das wiederzugeben, was vom Tonträger kommt. agile.eu/ Und es macht Spaß die…