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Harald Schirmer @ Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris 2013 - Foto: Cogneon Akademie

Harald Schirmer @ Enterprise 2.0 Summit Paris 2013
Foto: Cogneon Akademie


Curious about bringing Social Business to your company? At the Enterprise 2.0 Summit in Paris we discussed many topics around this approach.

It was clear to all participants, that we are no longer talking about „if“ but „how“ and „when“ it will be a standard business „part“. Social Business is more than just a software – it comes along with a complete different way of working together. Companies who are serious about it, will very fast take care of culture development to make this possible.

Social Business brings the current corporate culture to the surface and makes visible, what is going on… So if your employees are already open minded, know how to handle feedback, mistakes and transparency is a „common thing“ – you have nothing to fear. Old leadership behavior, unsolved problems, internal (negative) competition will surely become an issue… for those not being „honest“ about it.

Here are the (for me) most important learnings/ideas/conclusions in „keywords“ of the two day program:


Working without knowing/feeling the purpose will lead to un-engagement. Engagement is the „motor“ for creativity, motivation and great results


We identified that as a task for new leaders/management – at least „challanging“ old limits will open new possibilities


A great way to ensure you will not get lost in information overflow, always on and other modern „issues“ – Know yourself, see yourself – stay connected to yourself


Often it is referred to steps of evolution leading to a new (stable) level – this might be a wrong picture for our future – since almost „everything“ is permanently changing – since we are changing so much in shorter time, throughout all topics


Sharing starts with giving something – Money is surely not meant by this. It is knowledge, which is used for sharing, information, provided earlier, faster or in more depth to the own „followers“ – giving them an advantage – it becomes our valuable currency – and by „spending valuable information“ – you will receive other important info – in time – when needed


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