Harald Schirmer - es kommt nicht nur darauf an, was wir tun, sondern WIE wir es tun!

What is my contribution to a better world?

Careful with such a „soft“ topic in a logic driven world! No, not at all.

In this post I want to share some of my personal background, why I think it is very important to not only spend time to understand latest technology, but also working on our #kindness

Let’s build a future together,
in which we actually want to live in!

I want to contribute to the actions of actionforhappiness.orgmaybe you want to join making our world a bit better by being kind.

Some Background:

Technology is pushing us into a future, which only very little people can even grasp. The Evangelists tell us that this is only a sequence of logical steps, driven by Moores Law, constant innovation and science. I am not against it, as a matter of fact, I drive that myself being a technology enthusiast.

BUT not in the mindset of „everything goes“ but let’s make sure we have enough education, that society is able to have valuable dialogs on what is going on. If we fail on educating people, only a few will „design“ our future – which probably is not driven by kindness, sustainability, appreciation and „For One Another“.


Connection to WOL:

Today I found this initiative, and I immediately caught fire. „Action for Happiness“ sounds to me like a perfect combination of what we do with „Working Out Loud“, where those pillars build a „better life“ (focus on work)

Building a social network
… you are not alone – Join Forces and experience the power of diversity

Making your work visible
… sharing your progress fosters social learning & transparency  creates options

Making work better
… improving your skills enables you for the digital age – start, evolve, improve

Leading with generosity
… changing perspective and giving feedback leads to great engagement

Making it all purposeful
… making it personal will rise efficiency, focus and sustainability


My „better world“ history in the web

My personal first start to make a broader approach on a „better world“ started in 2002 – long before social networks have been invented. I was so frustrated by all the negative news in TV, Magazine and also in the earlier Internet channels. So I started a Website called „NuGuNa“ (Nur gute Nachrichten = Only good news), where I wanted to collect positive news, and give people help others or send them best wishes.

NuGuNa Screenshot 2002
NuGuNa – Nur Gute Nachrichten

It actually started out well with some people in Germany showed their appreciation and send in some stories. The page has been archived and can still be seen (quite ugly because the images and all linked subpages are missing): LINK

I have not been very successful and because of lack of time, i had to stopp it and sold the domain.

Second Dancer effect:

Some might remember the „Second Dancer“ effect – claiming that not the „First mover“ or Evangelist will create a movement, but the ones, who JOIN IN to something they trust or want to support – making this successful.

So why not try it out and see, if I can contribute with my „little time“ to something bigger.

Action for Happiness seems to me like an idea, I want to invest some of my time.


My Action:

When I found this calendar in my Facebook timeline today, I immediately had the idea to make that a „working out loud“ action.

click here to zoom

So I will do all those things in the calendar and inspire/invite others to join in.

This is the first post:

The tasks are VERY simple, for free, but can really make a difference in my surrounding world. I am curious, if this „spreads“ and if others join in.

I will use the Hashtag:

#BeKind and #WOL

to connect the dots across the various networks




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