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Change Agents Worldwide

Change Agents Worldwide

Change Agent Jonathan Antony from Vancouver writes about his idea of working in the digital age

here is my reply – hope you don’t mind me getting a bit carried away about it 😉

… we are pathfinders – not „the one“ path but many – when open for it, we become learners – curious people being fascinated by the everyday’s new surprises – 

it is everyones choice, to be either scared of todays complexity – trying to simplify life by creating more and more rules, structures and safety controls … or having trust in people, being unleashed from the limits of a static desc, connecting to others, having „everything“ at your finger tips, sharing thoughts, seeing mistakes as improvements, floating in our great network, appreciating the diversity of mankind, soaking in the ideas and inspirations – taking a bite here and there – creating ones own tune out of it – to re-combine it in the global melody of life.

There are risks and down sides to it – but being open minded  means also to be able to think, listen and respect others, take responsibility – together we can find the right balance … I believe in us!


What are your thoughts about working now?